Exploring Pinalangga Beach Resort: A Tranquil Guide to Marabut’s Secluded Shores

The open road whispers a promise of adventure, and the thrill of a new destination is irresistible. This was the feeling that enveloped us on a sun-drenched morning in Tacloban, fresh off our flight from Manila. A delightful breakfast, a heartfelt gift from our dear ones, fueled our spirits as much as it did our bodies. Our convoy of three SUVs stood ready, a testament to our collective wanderlust, eager to bridge the gap between Tacloban and the tranquil shores of Pinalangga Beach Resort in Marabut, Samar. Before embarking on the main leg of our journey, we paused in a location that holds a special place in our hearts. It was a moment of paying respect and cherishing memories, grounding us before we continued to the tranquil shores of Pinalangga. The journey, a mere hour and six minutes covering 53.8 kilometers, was not just a measure of distance but a canvas for memories.

As we set off from Tacloban, the excitement was palpable. Some of us had initially thought that Pinalangga was just a stone's throw away from Basey, Samar. But as we drove on, it became clear that this was going to be a bit more of an adventure. The road stretched ahead, winding through lush landscapes that promised a destination off the beaten path.

As we ventured through Samar’s countryside, the beauty around us blossomed with every passing mile. Our convoy became a living postcard, each twist and turn unveiling vistas more breathtaking than the last. Ooops, hold on!!! These were just the whimsical thoughts and daydreams that danced in my mind before we set off. But, alas, the lack of sleep from our early morning flight soon caught up with me, and before I knew it, I was gently lulled into a peaceful slumber, cradled by the moving landscapes that I had so eagerly anticipated.

As we pulled into Pinalangga Beach Resort, the sun was at its zenith, casting a golden glow over the property. Our stomachs were rumbling, and the restaurant beckoned. The resort offered a menu of Filipino dishes, which we eagerly ordered from. Our initial excitement met a gentle letdown when we encountered the food. It was straightforward, lacking the culinary fireworks we'd eagerly anticipated. It felt like a friendly reminder from the universe: "Hey, in these hidden corners, simplicity rules the kitchen." Perhaps, just perhaps, we should've dialed down our fancy gourmet expectations. Here’s hoping next time, they’ll spice things up a bit! 🤞

Pinalangga Beach Resort, with its quaint cottages, beachfront huts, and air-conditioned, and non-air conditioned cabanas available for rent, had a rustic charm. There was a swimming pool that glistened under the sun's relentless gaze, and kayak snoozed in the cool shade, inviting the more adventurous souls. 

But on this scorching day, our group decided against indulging in these amenities. Our aim was to immerse ourselves in the resort's genuine charm, even if just for a brisk span of approximately four hours.

As I made my way to the beach, the reasons for its name became self-evident. The sand, while not the stereotypical powdery white found at more commercialized destinations, boasted a raw, untouched beauty. The waves, gently caressing the shore, seemed to whisper ancient secrets known only to this secluded place.

Among the various accommodations, one particular beachfront cottage with a second floor caught my attention. Its design was unique and very Filipino, standing out with its native architecture that blended seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. It was more than just a place to stay; it was a statement of cultural pride and craftsmanship.

On a personal note, meet my radiant ‘nieces’—though, in the dance of family trees, they’re technically my grandnieces, daughters of my own nieces. I prefer the term ‘nieces’ though; it’s my little secret to keeping the years at bay and feeling forever young at heart. They’re the delightful spark in our family, brightening each day with their smiles and laughter. 

While waiting for our food, my elder brother turned into a pop quiz master and put our six-year-old, tech-savvy niece on the spot. ‘Quick, what’s 1+1?’ he challenged. Without missing a beat, she declared, 'Two!' Riding the momentum, HB threw a curveball, 'How about 8x8?' A few suspenseful seconds ticked by before she triumphantly announced, '64!' Applause broke out, but then came the playful accusation, 'Wait a minute, you've got a calculator in that phone, don't you?' Caught, she flashed a bashful smile, not denying the clever assist. My brother, ever the encourager, beamed with pride, 'Smart move! You're mastering the art of making do early in life.' The room erupted with laughter, celebrating her quick wit and resourcefulness. Ah, the delightful innocence of children!

Moving on, Pinalangga Beach Resort, living up to its name 'beloved', offers more than just a beachfront. While the food and our time there didn't quite live up to our hopes, the resort still provided a quiet spot for relaxation. It's a place less explored, where every grain of sand and the sound of the waves add to the story of this hidden place. A spot where simplicity meets the natural world, Pinalangga reminds us of the understated allure found away from the busy everyday life.

Finding Pinalangga is easy. It’s just off the main highway in Barangay Pinalangga, Marabut, Western Samar, a convenient stop on the way to Guiuan. Its location is marked at 46F4+GVW, Jct Taft - Oras - Sn Policarpo - Arteche Rd, Marabut, Samar— a quiet spot along the route.

Travel Tips for Pinalangga Beach Resort:

1. Set Realistic Expectations:The resort offers a peaceful escape with a focus on simplicity and natural beauty. Don't expect luxury, but rather a chance to unwind in a serene setting.

2. Prepare for the Journey: It's a good distance from Tacloban, so plan for a longer drive. Bring snacks and entertainment for the road, especially if traveling with those who may grow impatient.  Understand the resort's location relative to other landmarks like Basey to avoid surprises regarding travel time.

3. Embrace Local Cuisine:The restaurant's food is simple and unpretentious. It's a good opportunity to experience everyday Filipino fare, even if it doesn't dazzle the palate.

4.Pack Essentials if you're staying overnight: Sunscreen, insect repellent, and hydration are key. Also, consider bringing your own specific gear you prefer for comfort.

5. Capture the Scenery: The resort's natural setting is its highlight. Take photos or simply enjoy the views and the sound of the waves. Take a moment to appreciate the quiet and the lack of crowds.

6. Explore the Area: If you're feeling adventurous, explore the surrounding areas. There might be hidden spots or activities that could enhance your experience.

7. Communicate with Staff: If you have specific needs or expectations, talk to the resort staff. They may have recommendations or be able to accommodate special requests.


Disclaimer: This review is based on a personal visit to Pinalangga Beach Resort and aims to provide a simple perspective. Individual experiences may vary. Remember, every traveler’s journey is unique, and what might be a delightful discovery for one person could be a different story for another. So take this review as a friendly nudge to explore and form your own opinion! Happy adventuring! 😊

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