I am now so weak and in deep sorrow, but I still managed to write it here. My mom died peacefully in the Lord today at 6:30 am. I can't believe she's gone.

If I could write about my mother, it would be the best and unsurpassed story ever told. She's a very caring woman, homebody, gentle, loving, and kind. A mother who will give her best, and she asked nothing in return. She always expresses her unconditional love to her children.

Words are not enough to describe my mother.

Just two and a half weeks ago, I was talking to her on the phone, and I was telling her to take care of her health and not to forget to take her medicines. And I told her, "Mom, I was your baby before, but now - you are my baby." She laughed so hard. She thought I was joking, but I was serious. We always say "I LOVE YOU" every time we would end our conversation over the phone.

To my mother dear, because you're the greatest mother in the world, I hope Heaven will bless you and shower you with the greatest reward that you deserve. I will always treasure and keep the beautiful memories that we had. You're irreplaceable, and you'll always be in my heart. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 


As I'm writing this now, my emotion is so intense. I tried to stop crying but my silent tears keep falling down my cheeks, because deep down inside, I always knew that I will miss her smile, hugs, and kisses. The way she cared. The touch of her hand and the sound of her voice. The tender loving care. I WILL MISS MY BELOVED MOTHER TERRIBLY. 

Please pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

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