An Asian Traveler blog is about exploring Asia! It is about discovering the best places, popular attractions, and lesser-known spots. “An Asian Traveler” has been in the blogosphere for more than two  decades now spreading to the world wide web about Asian destinations. This blog also endeavors to show food adventure, hotel stay-cation, and shopping discoveries (mainly sneakers and bags).

Hello lovely people, my name is Mhel, the owner and blogger of An Asian Traveler. 
I want to explore and learn more while sharing what I have learned from my experience and expressing what is on my mind. Ironically, I don't like places with a lot of people. It gives me a bit of anxiety... but sometimes I have to embrace it so that I can travel. I went to an all-girl private school run by nuns and took up a course somehow related to what I'm blogging now. I am grateful to have a loving and supportive partner in life who also has the same passion.
Blogging is not my source of income. We pay our travel, dining, and hotel expenses. Having a blog is just a sort of outlet for a few things I'm passionate about. There are a lot of gurus now on the web and I'm not one of them. I'm just attempting to document my experiences here.
On another note, some of you lovely people have probably noticed that I'm not showing my face here. I hardly write anything too revealing about myself on my blog or my YouTube channel. I try to keep my personal life off of my blog as I highly value my privacy, and I would like to keep a portion of my private life private! That being said, I do admire those who can be completely open about who they are when it comes to their blog and social media, and post their photos everywhere. But, I do have a profile photo here just to let you know, there's a person behind this blog.😄 Thank you for your kind understanding.
If you want to share my photos, PLEASE give proper credit by providing a link back to AnAsianTraveler.com. I work hard and spend a lot of time editing these photos.😉
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If you have any questions, shoot me an email at (mcssmaria@gmail.com)

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