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Alindanaw Cacao Farm: Sustainable Chocolate Production in Calbayog, Samar


In the heart of Calbayog City, away from the urban clamor, lies a tranquil sanctuary for chocolate aficionados and nature enthusiasts alike – the Alindanaw Cacao Farm. This secluded place is a testament to the allure of the off-the-beaten-path, where the journey to discovery is as rewarding as the destination itself.

Cacao pods hanging from the lush trees at Alindanaw Cacao Farm

Embarking on this adventure requires a sharp eye and a sense of curiosity. Nestled along a verdant, tree-lined road, Alindanaw Cacao Farm is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the richness of nature. The farm, although marked on the map, retains a sense of seclusion that adds to its charm.

A rustic dirt road flanked by lush greenery, winding towards Alindanaw Farm.

Upon arrival, the tranquility of the place immediately envelops you. The road leading to the farm is flanked by a harmonious blend of trees and a few scattered houses, creating a picturesque backdrop for what feels like an escape from the bustling world outside.

The unassuming facade of Alindanaw Farm, a simple entry point set amidst lush surroundings.

The farm itself is a haven for cacao enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The cacao trees, with their broad leaves, stand proudly as they contribute to the local chocolate industry. 

Verdant cacao trees laden with vibrant green pods.

Visitors are warmly welcomed with open arms by the farm's dedicated caretakers. These hospitable hosts provide an inviting atmosphere, immediately making guests feel at home. As part of the warm reception, visitors are treated to a delightful array of local delicacies crafted from the farm's own cacao harvest. This introduction to Alindanaw Cacao Farm’s offerings is a true feast for the senses.

Bowls of rich and creamy champorado made with local cacao.

Picture yourself indulging in a bowl of champorado made from cacao tablea, a comforting Filipino rice porridge enriched with rich, velvety chocolate. The blend of sweet and savory flavors creates a unique and satisfying experience that speaks to the heart of Filipino culinary tradition. Additionally, guests can relish slices of sliced bread adorned with a luscious chocojam chocolate spread, both made from the farm's finest cacao. The rich, creamy texture of the choco jam  perfectly complements the bread, offering a taste of the farm’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Each bite tells the story of the farm’s commitment to sustainable practices and the art of chocolate making.

Freshly made Samarian chocolate bars and bonbons wrapped in elegant packaging.

The culinary journey at Alindanaw Cacao Farm is further elevated with the introduction of Samarian chocolates. These gourmet treats, comprising chocolate bars and bonbons, offer a variety of flavors including fine bonbons, dark chocolate, and dark chili chocolates. It's a symphony of flavors that promises an exquisite taste experience. What sets them apart is not only their rich, velvety texture and deep, complex notes but also their unbeatable price point. Compared to the offerings at the Samar Tourism office, Samarian chocolates stand out as an affordable luxury, allowing visitors to indulge in high-quality chocolate at a budget-friendly price. It's a testament to the farm's commitment to exceptional value and taste, making it a must-try for any chocolate aficionado visiting Calbayog City.

A cacao tree with a green cacao pod nestled among vibrant green leaves.

Visitors to Alindanaw Cacao Farm can indeed get up close and personal with the cacao trees. While the farm does not offer formal tours, the surrounding areas are open for exploration, allowing guests to wander and discover the beauty of the cacao groves at their leisure. The farm's intimate size adds to its charm, providing a cozy and personal experience that's perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed visit. 

During our visit we were delighted to discover that we could purchase their exquisite chocolates as souvenirs. Due to their limited stock, we had the opportunity to place a custom order, which was then delivered to us within a few days. Whether you're seeking a delectable treat for yourself or a special gift for someone else, the chocolates from Alindanaw Cacao Farm are guaranteed to bring joy and satisfaction.

Cacao trees stand tall, its branches reaching out like open arms

But Alindanaw Cacao Farm is more than just a place to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's an immersive experience set against a backdrop of simpleness and natural beauty. The farm is enveloped by majestic cacao trees stand tall alongside with  coconut palms.  It's a serene tableau that invites you to pause and appreciate the simple pleasures of life in the province.

To visit Alindanaw Cacao Farm in Calbayog City, you can start by reaching out to them directly through their Facebook page. They may provide you with specific visiting hours and any other details you might need. Additionally, you can explore local travel guides or contact the Samar Tourism Office for more information on farm tours and local attractions.

Alindanaw Cacao Farm is nestled in the quiet surroundings of Purok 1, Brg Cagbilwan, along the 13 Oquendo - Pilar-Roxas Road in Oquendo, Samar. This hidden place is a bit far from the city life of Calbayog City, offering a peaceful retreat for those seeking a taste of the countryside and a love for chocolate.


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