Diamond Hotel’s Corniche - A Culinary Treasure Bathed in Manila’s Golden Glow

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden sheen over the bustling streets of Manila, a culinary oasis awaits within the storied walls of the Diamond Hotel Philippines. This 5-star sanctuary, nestled against the iconic backdrop of Manila Bay, is not just a testament to luxury accommodation but also a haven for food enthusiasts.

A delicious plate of clams with oranges on top.

Corniche, the hotel's premier dining destination, is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience. Imagine starting your day with a lunch buffet surrounded by a verdant garden, complete with a picturesque rock formation and the soothing sounds of a cascading waterfall. As the culinary journey begins, Corniche transforms, offering an array of treasure options that promise to tantalize your taste buds.

Celebrating a special occasion here becomes even more delightful with promotional offers like the 50% discount my family enjoyed during my elder brother's birthday bash. Such deals are the cherry on top of an already sumptuous dining experience.

The Diamond Hotel may carry years within its walls, but it stands gracefully, having preserved the grandeur of a bygone era. Its old-world charm is a comforting embrace in the fast-paced city life of Manila. And for those who have savored their culinary delights through their online shop during the pandemic, like myself, the physical experience is a long-awaited treat.

A Buffet Spread That Rivals the Stars

The Corniche buffet is a constellation of flavors, each dish shining brighter than the last. From the succulent seafood selection—think clams, shrimp, and crabs—to the tender steamed chicken wrapped in lotus leaf, every dish is a masterpiece. 

The stewed pork with preserved bean curd, the exquisite Poo-cha (a deep-fried Thai delicacy of stuffed seafood in crab shell), and the perfectly pan-fried Tanigue fillet Ala Meunière are just a few stars in this galaxy of gastronomy.

For fish lovers, the menu offers a final wave of excitement you'll want to surf again and again with the "Salmon Tsunami." This intriguing dish lives up to its name in presentation, but the true taste adventure awaits your discovery.

The meal concluded with a delightful selection of desserts. I was particularly excited to try Umm Ali, a fragrant Egyptian bread pudding brimming with nuts, for the first time. Homemade ice cream provided a refreshing contrast, while the DIY halo-halo station offered a playful and interactive way to create my own favorite Filipino shaved ice dessert. Finally, the chocolate mango passion fruit mousse capped off the culinary experience with its rich decadence and a burst of tropical flavors.

Corniche is renowned not just for its food but also for its ambiance. The restaurant's diverse lineup of dishes—from roast meats to fresh sushi—has garnered rave reviews, and it's easy to see why. It's a place where every palate finds its match, and every meal feels like a celebration.

Easter Elegance and Lobby Luxuries

The hotel's commitment to detail doesn't end at the dining table. Gone are the days of generic holiday decorations. Here, the hotel's dedication to detail shines through with a captivating Easter tree. It's an explosion of spring colors – ornately decorated bunnies and eggs in various styles nestled amidst a cascade of flowers. This delightful centerpiece elevates the hotel's already stunning interior, weaving delightful Easter magic into the very essence of the space.

But the sensory delights don't end there. As you step inside the lobby, be sure to look up and marvel at the mesmerizing, colorful ceiling – an unexpected artistic touch that infuses the space with a whimsical charm.

Ditch the ordinary hotel lobby fare and indulge in sweet delights at the Lobby Lounge. This elegant spot boasts a selection of Diamond Hotel's signature cakes and pastries, alongside a la carte menu featuring their culinary specialties. Plus, they offer a curated beverage menu to perfectly complement your sweet or savory cravings.

You can find serenity at the Diamond Hotel's swimming pool. The tranquility of the pool is accentuated by the gentle cascading waterfalls, while the towering hotel itself becomes a majestic backdrop, creating a picture-perfect oasis in the heart of the city.

On this joyous season of Easter and the light of Christ's resurrection, I send you my warmest greetings. May your day be filled with the vivid hues of painted eggs, the sweetness of festive treats, and the refreshing vibrancy of a summer breeze. Wishing you and yours an Easter celebration that’s as delightful and bright as the season itself. 🌸🐰

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If you find yourself in Manila, let the Diamond Hotel at Roxas Boulevard corner of Dr. J. Quintos Street be your gateway to a memorable experience. Happy Easter, and may your visit to Diamond Hotel's Corniche be as sparkling and precious as its name suggests!

Diamond Hotel's  Corniche Buffet Rates: (As of April 2024)

Breakfast Buffet Daily

Php 1,380 net per person (6:00 am to 10:00 am)

Lunch Buffet Monday to Friday

Rate: Php 2,900 net per person

Dinner Buffet Monday to Thursday

Rate: Php 3,180 net per person

Friday: Seafood Night

Rate: Php 3,680 net per person

Saturday Lunch Buffet

Rate: Php 3,180 net per person

Saturday: Surf and Turf Night

Rate: Php 3,680 net per person

Sunday Lunch Buffet

Rate: Php 3,500 net per person

Sunday Dinner Buffet

Rate: Php 3,180 net per person


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