Valentino Mario Valentino: Simple Yet Stylish!

This Valentino by Mario Valentino Coline Madras Leather Crossbody bag is one of the first Valentino bags I bought online, and the style looks pretty cute. I love the rich buttery type black leather, the best color to match with almost any outfit. You can wear it without the strap that looks like a midsize clutch for a special occasion (which I don't know much about) or carry it as a crossbody bag when I want to look at my casual best, to which I am an expert. The bag design is so simple yet stylish. 

Click the link to watch the full video: 👉 Unwrapping Valentino Mario Bag

At first, I had no idea that there are two designers named Valentino. Both are luxury brands. But Valentino Garavani is "the Valentino" most sought by fashionistas. It is also much more expensive than Mario Valentino. However, Valentino by Mario Valentino had famous patrons like Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, and Jacqueline Onassis. They trusted him, so can we, right? Anyways, with this style of bag, I wouldn't mind rocking it no matter what the label says.

Click the link to watch the full video: 👉 Unwrapping Valentino Mario Bag


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