At Cafe D' Asie: Welcoming the New Year with a Bang!

Some Filipinos behave super-cautiously on New Year's Day than on any other day of the month. There are traditions that are being practiced during the 1st day of the New Year (apparently this is true in other countries as well) with the belief that whatever it is that you do during the New Year will continue throughout the whole year. Some say that they refrain from spending money on New Year's day for them to become more frugal the next twelve months. Others would clean their entire house to ensure a wealthy, healthy, and happy environment for the entire household.

In our case, what we did on the first day of the year was quite different, but could possibly what others have done too. We welcomed the New Year with some splurging and with a bang! Of course, that was part from enjoying our media noche, blowing horns and noise making on New Year's eve so as to attract good luck and ward off evil spirits, people, thoughts and deeds.

June and his lovely-dovey were supposed to spend a New Year's eve staycation in one of the hotels in the metropolis. Unfortunately due to heavy traffic in hotel bookings (after calling about 10 hotels with no positive response), they shelved their plans. Instead of stuffing our tummies with the media noche left overs (hahaha), we agreed to their invitation to have a New Year's (1st day of the year) double dinner date at Cafe d' Asie of The Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.

First, we had our dinner at Cafe d' Assie at the 2nd floor and surprisingly the place was not fully packed. Good for us but oh yes, probably the New Year's myth could have played a  role on this (lol)! People may have opted to stay at home instead of going out on New Year's day. Anyway, as healthy eating is in the list of our New Year's resolution, we requested for the Cafe's ala carte menu. The men and I opted for the Nasi Goreng while June had her Horse Radish Crusted Salmon.

(P350) Nasi Goreng - combination of chicken and beef satay served with spicy rice , prawn cracker, chilli and peanut sauce

(P520) Horse Radish Crusted Salmon - baked horseradish crusted salmon, accompanied with sauteed spinach, mushroom ragout and crispy polenta in saffron Beurre Blanc    

Of course, we didn't forget to order stir fry noodles Pancit Cafe d' Asie. As you may be aware, it's customary to have long noodles (any kind of noodle dish) on the table especially on New Year's Day, as it signifies longevity, that is according to our great great grandfathers! So, I don't doubt them on that!

(P300) Pancit Cafe D' Asie - combination of canton and glass noodles with mixed vegetables, shrimp, chicken and pork, served with calamansi, fried garlic and garlic bread

This was not our first time to hang out at The Bellevue Hotel. Our favorite spot is either Cafe d' Asie or the Pastry Corner both located at the main wing of the hotel. We decided to skip on the hodgepodge of culinary delights displayed at the buffet corner of the restaurant. The past Year 2015 was actually the year we gorged on food at buffet tables of restaurants we've been to. We thought the ala carte was the best alternative for the New Year to shed out the unwanted pounds from our dangerous coca-cola figures! 

One disadvantage tho was the slow service for the ala carte orders. It took probably between 30 to 45 minutes before the dishes were served on the table. Good we brought an array of thoughts to discuss over the table.

Cafe D' Asie Christmas decors

I must say that the dishes were up to our expectations. The ambiance was a bit classy maybe because of the festive Christmas decors, particularly the towering Christmas tree with the beautiful led lights and some music to boot.

After getting stuffed at the Cafe, we went to the ground floor where the Pastry Corner is located to continue the chitchatting and to sip some coffee and juices with some rich Belgian Chocolate and Cheese Cakes.

The Pastry Corner

delectable desserts

Belgian Chocolate Cake

Cheese Cake

Wow, these beautiful sweet treats and every bite of them completed a scrumptious and delightful meal, leaving the night more enjoyable and the four of us truly satisfied and happy! What a day to spend for the New Year and we hope these joy and happiness will remain steadfast in the next months, years, and beyond!

Till next time,
Written by Maven
Photographs by June

Toodles, until next time,
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