Hotel H20 Manila is within walking distance of the restaurants and stores that abound in the complex of Manila Ocean Park. And so we decided to have a buffet dinner at Ozeano Fusion Restaurant. It was over two years ago since we last visited this place. It is still well maintained and organized.

When we arrived at 7:00 pm on a Sunday night, HB and I were the only guests there. Staffs were very attentive to our needs.

I like the quaint and somewhat romantic table setting.

This restaurant is huge that can handle a lot of hungry diners.

There's also a separate bar where you can order ample amounts of wine.

Yes, it has a distinct appeal in its presentations.

Some of the dishes we had.

However, the food here has been consistently not up to par despite the fact that Tamayo is popular in the catering services. Worst, the sashimi was not fresh and the desserts that I had were nothing to rave about. HB and I really felt underwhelmed.

- Diners need not pass the gift shop anymore.
- No more four-tiered chocolate fondue.
- No strolling band to serenade you.
- The window side is already blocked.

*Please note that the comments expressed herein are solely my personal views which are based on my experience. They are not to defame the company but to give them an opportunity to improve.

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  1. The photos are astounding. Will definitely drop by on my next visit to Manila and try the food. I can definitely say very nice presentation.

  2. Nice article.Lovely photo.


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