Here are some cool things that we spotted inside the Manila Ocean Park. I don't know if this is a permanent display or if it's open for scheduled exhibitions only.

I say let this free exhibit stay, and hopefully this will educate a lot of people.

1. Philippine Jeepney

Jeep or Jeepney is the most convenient and inexpensive public transportation system in the Philippines. It has become a symbol of Philippine culture.

2. Sorbetes Cart (Hand-held Bell)
Sorbetes is one of the most popular street foods found in the Philippines. The sorbetero can vary the time in the day that he brings his cart to a specific neighborhood, but you can bet he will always successfully make his presence known.

The mild clanging sound of a medium sized hand-bell allows the sorbetero to call attention to it. In some cases, the hand bell is replaced by small hanging bell, that when lightly tapped or touched, issues a sweet and distinct tinkling sound that is sure to attract anyone's attention.

These carts still roam Philippine neighborhoods and communities today. The sounds they make bring back wonderful memories for the more mature, and allow the young ones to relish the same good old feelings that are naturally associated with the enjoyable experience of eating this favorite Filipino comfort food.

3. Peephole Theatre Box
The Peephole Theatre Box is the original traveling cinema from China. It was very popular in the rural areas before the concept of a cinema arrived in their towns. It is basically a wooden box with window holes at its sides where children and adults can peer into for a movie screened inside.

These traveling movie vendors gathered in such locations too, usually in the cool evenings. Depending on the country it is in, food and snacks like Chinese meat buns, various types of cakes and pastries, curry puffs, ting-ting malt candy, bird's nest drinks, satay, goreng pisang (banana and tuber fritters), desserts like red bean soup and even grilled chicken wings and local style sandwiches are offered. These peephole cinemas were also popularly found in Malaysia and Singapore in the pre and post war era of the 1940s and 1950s.

Some stores are already selling Christmas decors.

White Moon Bar I think is a nice spot in Manila Ocean Park if you like to have a decent night happy hour drink or just chill out and enjoy the view of the ocean.

Toodles, until next time,
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