This past weekend, HB and I had a relaxing overnight stay at Hotel H20. This four-star hotel is located inside Manila Ocean Park. Unfortunately, there is no direct access to the hotel. Guests need to pass Manila Ocean Park's entrance (a public area) where it gets a little crowded on the weekends. Mind that there is also an uncovered walkway leading up to the hotel. I find this a little inconvenient if it rains while dragging along your heavy luggage.

the hotel entrance inside Manila Ocean Park ground floor

elevator lobby

The hotel lobby located on the third floor is quite modern with three spacious sitting areas. I like it.

lobby front desk

lobby sitting areas

But the Hotel H20 Club Lounge is more impressive, extremely spacious area with lots of chic lounge chairs and sofas. The black and white faux-fur pillows give a classy appeal. I would say, the H20 Club lounge is one of the best features this hotel has.

smoking room area

Oh and I'm also loving the beautiful lounge restroom. The standing circular wash basin in glossy white color provides an elegant feel. I wish to have this washbasin in our house.:) I'm inspired with the perfect modern minimalist design.

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Note: This is purely my personal opinion based on my experience.

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  1. Was just here last night. Club H20 is a quiet bar, it has a semi-private room, and yeah, I agree, the lobby's nice. :)

    You can miss the entrance to the elevator though, I didn't see any signs.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    The hotel entrance is on the left side near the entrance hall of Manila Ocean Park. :)


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