The next day we tried again to visit Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri. It was Friday morning at 9:30 expecting and craving for a nice breakfast. The place was very serene and a nice quiet retreat from the bustle of the town center. It covers a large hectares of land with its own lush garden area.

Again, it was completely empty but since we had heard good things about the place we went inside.

Kamarikutan looks like a one giant Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut) but it is in fact made of two conterminous constructions. It is divided into levels. The higher level is the art gallery while the lower level is where the café located.

I took numerous pictures of the entire art gallery while waiting for the food. Later on, I was told that it was prohibited to take pictures.

Note: Out of respect to the local artists and the property owner who is also a visual artist, I decided not to publish the entire photos that I've got. However, I'll just show you a little glimpse of the said art gallery.

The Art Gallery

We had a mixed experience here. I really love the place but I didn't find the staff very friendly. She looks a bit weary and bored. The service was very slow to think that we were the only guests. I ordered a basic Continental Breakfast (Php 95.00) consist of one bread with cheese, butter & jam, and I added a cup of Jamaican Coffee (Php 65.00). I took one bite of the bread but I spit it out immediately. It was as tough as old boots. Frankly, it was the worst bread I had ever eaten. So, I just sat there, sighed and stared at my 99.9% untouched breakfast.

HB had a Skinless Longganisa (Sausage) Php 135.00, with tomatoes and onions in vinaigrette, garlic rice, and house brew coffee and fruit juice. It was just a simple dish nothing to rave about.

For the entire duration of our stay, the restaurant hardly had any customers except for one couple who came.

The only saving grace of the experience is the place. The atmosphere is pleasing and relax. There's a nice large pond abutting the restaurant filled with eager crowd of colorful Koi fishes swimming around. The pond is right at the foot of the front tables where we seated.

For art lover, you will love the place because both the Art Gallery and the Cafe are decorated with several paintings and you can buy some Objet D'Art from their ample selections.

The Coffee Shop
They also sell Palawan t-shirts, locally made necklaces, slippers, and garden bar soaps, seedlings like balayong, mahogany and many others.

Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri
is located at Rizal Avenue Extention, Bancao Bancao, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines.

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