I thought you might like a glimpse of what we had for dinner a couple of days ago. We actually arrived early for dinner at Tokyo Cafe. The three of them ordered some light snacks. While I chose for a heavier meal as I was famished because I didn't have time to eat lunch. My ate told me that I should always eat on time. Ah, she reminds me of my dearest mother who always had a big heart in caring for others and most of all her children. I really enjoyed all the pampering from my mom. And I really miss her.

Ok, back to our topic. Tokyo Cafe is definitely a place I would love to make a return visit.

Kani Crab Sandwich: Kani sticks in zesty dressing in ciabatta bread

Pork Cutlet: breaded pork chop deep fried to perfection

Mango Parfait

Iced Cafe Au Lait: Tokyo ice coffee with fresh milk and Matcha (Smoogees): Japanese green tea shake

Then we decided to dine the nearest restaurant called Racks. I was really tempted to order a set meal because they looked so good. But by that time I was already too full so I opted for dessert.

Mississippi Mud Pie: A moist chocolate fudge brownie laden with gooey chocolate inside on a bed of thick choco syrup topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Jamaican Jerk Chicken: boneless chicken thigh packed with all the spices from the Jamaican Islands, served with java rice, salad, corn on the cob, fried plantains and your choice of any regular side dish

Garlic Scampi Pasta: Spaghetti with juicy shrimp and broccoli florets sauteed in a chili infused garlic olive oil mixture. Served with garlic bread.

Hitting the malls means lots of yummy eats. So, we really satiated our voracious appetite. And yes, that's two restaurants in less than 3 hours. It was a great day spent with HB, my eldest sister and her husband.

Toodles, until next time,
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