Every Christmas holiday, many families will gather and simply enjoy the season. And so did we, right after Christmas. Originally, our plan (with my family side) was to meet up at Music Match Revolution Family KTV in Ortigas but it was closed. So, we decided to drive over and check-out our usual meeting place - Red Box Karaoke in Greenbelt. We come here often for the venue and atmosphere.

Since we were too late for the "Lunch Hour" promotion with buffet, we decided to dine first at Red Crabs Restaurant on the lower level and went to karaoke afterwards.

buffet area

Around 3pm, we availed the "Happy Hour" of Red Box for Php 299.00 per head with free two drinks and a private room for four hours (3-7pm).

our private room

Some were not into singing; I caught a few of them tinkering with various electronic gadgets.

I love to take some shots of random things like SHOES. Many were willing to have a picture for fun (thank you!), and some didn't even care 'coz they were so caught up in singing and some stuff. Oddly, it was so hard to take pictures of the younger ones and I had to chase them like a persistent paparazzi. hahaha... Anyways, I had fun, really.

I was so delighted to receive a shopping bag filled with gifts, and a box of delicious buko pie from Laguna. Yes, I'm like that. I'm easily pleased regardless of its content and price. It's the thought that counts. ;)

Our bill came to almost Php 8,000 including food and beverages. For 15 people, not bad at all. We totally wolfed down all of the food. :) Loved the loaded Nachos. Yummy-licious!

crispy pata, loaded nachos, crispy calamares, lechon kawali with fried tofu and SM beer

Red Box is definitely a must do for a large group for up to 30-35 people. The private rooms are in different sizes that can accommodate to several groups. Some rooms have poker and billiards.

red box private rooms

The song selections are pretty good, lots of up to date songs. However, expect to pay a high corkage fee if you want to bring your own food and booze.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. Sure looks fun! and look at those nachos!!!

  2. Nice sharp pics. Few questions about this place:
    Do you have any idea how much corkage fee they charge for a bottle of, let's say vodka or hard liquor?
    How was the service?..and..
    Do they have wireless connection inside?

    Any response from you would be greatly appreciated.

    Dennis C.


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