March 25, 2009
Adjoining the Eton hotel in Shanghai is Costa Coffee, an Italian-style coffee chain and a subsidiary of the Whitbread company. On the downside, the shop was always closed when we visited them twice. So, we never really got the chance to sample the little taste of Italy.

In fact, during one of our visits, we arrived an hour earlier before their scheduled closing time. But the only staff who was there told us that the shop was closed already. We pointed out the hanging sign on the door, supporting our claim that we were still early from their closing time. However, the said staff insisted that they're closed already and that they're no longer accepting customers inside. We just thought it was not a good company's marketing policy or could just be a simple mistake on the staff's part not to accommodate us. :( He just didn't have any idea how this simple misbehavior could impact their business in the long run. After all, customers are the vital part of any business.

Toodles, until next time,
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  1. It looks like a classy coffee shop. Too bad, you didn’t get a chance to try their coffee.

  2. I agree with you. Whatever the reason, the waiter should have explained well to you as to why their closing early to avoid misunderstanding. Better customer service can give business the competitive edge they need to stay ahead.


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