On December 25th, our flight was scheduled to leave Xiamen at 2:45 pm via China Southern Airlines bound for Guangzhou, the last leg of our holiday vacation to China. We arrived at Xiamen Gaoxi International Airport, which is the primary international and domestic getaway in Xiamen, China. It is about 10km (about 6.2 miles) from the airport to downtown Xiamen. The airport is fairly modern and clean. There are numerous food and beverage outlets, bookstores, handicrafts, leatherwear and toys, pharmaceuticals, a few snack bars and a duty free shop.

We then proceeded to the Domestic Departure Hall located on the west side of Floor 2 of the terminal, where we underwent the following formalities like baggage check-in and boarding pass application and security check. Afterwards, we waited in the terminal lounge near the boarding gate, which are all of pretty good quality. It also offers viewing screens throughout the terminal with many televisions set up.

While wating for our departure, I had to answer the call of nature. As I entered the cubicle, I was completely facinated with what they've done with the water closet. It has a hands-free toilet seat that dispenses a fresh clear plastic seat cover when you push the green button. It assures cleanliness each time a toilet is used. I thought, this is really great especially for us women since we often use the toilet seat, and sometimes it's tiresome for us having to clean the seat or squat over the seat. I hope this will become a standard public facility item.

Overall, Xiamen doesn't strike me as a shopping haven and not much a tourist potential. It is however, a very charming place if you're interested of the rich and dramatic history and culture. And I vouched that during winter season especially the month of December, fresh air and sea breeze will definitely give you a blissful sense of relaxed comfort during your stay.

You can also take notice to the various local festivals. For example, June is noted for the Phoenix Flower Tourist Festival, August is noted for the Gulangyu Piano Festival, and the week of Mid-Autumn Day is noted for the Xiamen Bobing (Cake Gambling) Festival.

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