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T-box (The Original T-box from Istanbul)


(E-mail received fromHavaianas Distributor in the Philippines)

Good news! Terry S.A Inc., the exclusive distributor of Havaianas in Philippines is now the exclusive distributor of another cool brand.

Originality—always a plus where fashion is concerned. Yet there’s a fine line between being fashionably distinct and going trend-crazy. So the question is, how can you make sure that you won’t step over the boundaries of undeniably chic to fashion faux pas?

The answer is simple: T-box.

Remember that fashion trends are like the weather, totally unpredictable, constantly changing, and liable to outsmart even the savviest forecaster. The secret therefore lies in having fashion basics that can keep up with the changing trends, but are still tastefully stylish—this is where T-box comes in.

The cult fashion line, which first launched in Istanbul Turkey in 2003 is notable for jumpstarting a fashion phenomenon defined by marrying creativity and style with affordable prices. T-box is all about simple, relaxed fashion that shows your versatility and distinct flair by combining form, function, fun and flexibility in all their products.

T-box pioneered creative and cute shrink-wrapped packaging, which proved to be a big hit among those who are living squeezed lives. Teeny, tiny, shrink-wrapped garments that come in various shapes are T-box’s signature products, which when opened unfurls to reveal an item of clothing.

Their line, which includes a veritable collection of shirts, tank tops, shorts, beach towels, blouses, dresses, skirts, underwear, active wear and accessories, all come in bright and bubbly nifty packages that make T-box a hip and practical fashion force to be reckoned with.

Available in 17 countries, T-Box is now here in the Philippines. Visit T-box shops at Power Plant, Trinoma and Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Note: Although T-box is exclusively distibuted in thew Philippines by Terry S.A. Incorporated, T-box is not in any way or from directly connected with the Havaianas brand and Sao Paulo Alpartagas (the owner and manufacturer og Havaianas). T-box is a brand that is completely independent of Havaianas.


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