Discovering the Rustic Charm of Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort

I'm always on the lookout for new and unique destinations. So when my niece, A., who had previously visited Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort, suggested we spend an afternoon there, I was intrigued. Tucked away in Brgy. Guinbaoyan Norte, Calbayog City, Samar, this farm and resort promised a blend of nature and potential that I couldn't resist exploring. Little did I know, this impromptu trip would unveil a sanctuary of tranquility, natural beauty, and a glimpse into the rural idyll of the Philippines.

Bukid ni Manang Farm & Resort was conceived in the quietude of the COVID-19 pandemic, a verdant dream in the heart of Calbayog. It began with the simple planting of dragon fruit and lettuce, and the nurturing of a tilapia pond. As word of this green haven spread, it caught the attention of local officials, who saw its potential not just as a farm but as a beacon for eco-tourism, leading to its opening to the public as a place of respite and natural wonder. 

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We traveled in our vehicles, specifically two SUVs. Our journey to Bukid ni Manang was an adventure in itself. Far from the city proper, the off-the-beaten-path experience added to the rustic charm of our escape.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the modest entrance fee of PHP 50 per person, a small price to pay for the experience that awaited us. The entrance itself was a prelude to the spiritual tranquility of the place. The gateway to this pastoral haven was marked by two spiritual landmarks: the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue stood at the entrance, symbolizing divine love and compassion, while the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto, a beacon of hope and faith, was situated on upper ground, both serving as silent guardians.

A few minutes' walk from the grotto, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air from the restaurant and coffee shop nestled on the elevated ground, hinting at the culinary delights that lay in store. But we skipped their restaurant because we already planned to eat at Fisher's Seafood & Grill (which I will be blogging next).

Positioned at the center of the resort, a charming two-story nipa hut rises on stilts above a circular pond with cascading mini waterfalls, merging the elegance of design with the serenity of nature.

We didn't have to wait long before a golf cart, quaint and seemingly worn from its many journeys, arrived to take us to the top. The cart, which could accommodate only four passengers, offered an intimate journey through the resort's landscape. HB, ever the wanderer, chose to walk, immersing himself in  the symphony of the local fauna, and embracing the mid-afternoon sun. The rest of our group waited for the cart's return, unaware that the round trip would only take about  five minutes.

The golf cart wound its way up the elevated road, offering glimpses of diverse landscapes, the bounty it produced, and several viewing decks along the way, each offering a different perspective of the  landscapes. The ride to the summit was a brief 2 minutes and 35 seconds journey.

Although it was mid-afternoon and the sun was at its zenith, as we explored the farm’s high ground, the intense sunlight was causing our skin to glisten with sweat—a simple yet vivid sign of the tropical climate’s embrace. However, the panoramic view from the top was breathtaking, with an outdoor seating area that promised relaxation and resting. This peaceful vista is accentuated by coconut trees that dot the landscape of the developing farm and resort, The landscape is a mix of green areas and bare land, showing signs of growth.

The centerpiece at the summit, a nipa house under construction, was poised to become 'Kape ni Manang', a coffee shop that would soon offer visitors a taste of local brews with a view. 

Below, a playground swing awaited the laughter of children, adding to the charm of the place. However, Bukid ni Manang was more than just a picturesque spot; it was a work in progress, a canvas of potential.

The resort was in the midst of constructing a 700 sq.m. infinity pool, an ambitious project that promised to be the crown jewel of the establishment. The plans for the pool included an island oasis at its heart, accessible by bridges, thrilling slides, hydromassage and Jacuzzis, a specially designed kids' pool area, and sunbathing spots. (As of now, the exact completion date for the pool is undetermined). The vision extended to fishing and boating lakes, ensuring that Bukid ni Manang would cater to every kind of leisure seeker.

Located in Brgy. Guinbaoyan Norte, the resort is a testament to the beauty of Samar's landscape and the warmth of its people. While it is a bit of a journey from the city proper, the resort can be reached by car, rented tricycle, or a booked shuttle from Bukid ni Manang itself, making it accessible for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort is a work in progress, offering a quaint escape and offers a taste of the country's bucolic charm. The single golf cart, though charming, showed signs of wear. While it's not yet fully developed, the ongoing construction indicated that the farm and resort were still finding their footing. but the place still holds a charm with its untouched natural scenery. It's a modest haven for those seeking tranquility away from daily life. And, there was something endearing about its unfinished state—the promise of what's to come.

For us, the visit was pleasant, if not extraordinary. The potential of Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort is clear, and I believe that once completed, it’s destined to become a celebrated destination, showcasing the unparalleled beauty, warm hospitality, and timeless rustic charm of Calbayog.

For those on the lookout for a new adventure and eager to venture off the beaten path, this destination is an ideal choice. 

Bukid ni Manang Farm & Resort is open daily from 11 AM to 9 PM. The entrance fee is PHP 50 per person. A discounted rate of PHP 40 applies to children aged 4 years, seniors, students, and persons with disabilities (PWD). Admission is free for children aged 3 years and below.

📍Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort Address:
Brgy. Guinbaoyan Norte, Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
Contact Number: 0917-100-9766
Facebook Page: Bukid ni Manang Farm & Resort

🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸 An Asian Traveler's Guide and Tips to Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort:

❀ Plan Your Transport: Reaching Bukid ni Manang requires a bit of planning, as it is situated a distance from Calbayog City's center. Visitors can drive, rent a tricycle, or book a shuttle service offered by the resort in advance.

Shuttle Service Details:

  • Cost: PHP 50.00 per person for a round trip.
  • Area: Service is available within the city limits only.
  • Group Size: A minimum of 10 passengers is required to avail the service.

❀ Capture the Entrance: Don't miss taking photos of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Lourdes statues at the entrance—they're iconic!

❀ The farm and resort policy prohibits guests from bringing their own food.

❀ Savor the Flavors: Try the local cuisine at the resort's restaurant and grab a coffee at the shop to energize your exploration.

❀Take the Golf Cart: With only one cart available, it's a quaint way to see the resort. But be prepared to wait or walk if it's busy.

❀ Stay Cool: Visit during the cooler hours like late afternoon to avoid the midday heat.

❀ Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort offers the occasional opportunity for visitors to pick fruits, an activity that comes with a fee. Since this isn't a daily event, those interested should contact the management directly to inquire about availability or keep an eye on their Facebook page for announcements. This way, you can plan your visit to coincide with these special fruit-picking days.

❀ Sunset Views:Time your visit to catch a stunning sunset from one of the viewing decks.

❀ Respect the Space: As the resort is still under construction, be mindful of restricted areas for your safety.

❀ Keep an eye on the weather forecast. The farm and resort may close temporarily during storms to ensure guest safety.

What to Look Forward To:

❀ Infinity Pool: Keep an eye on the development of the 700 sq.m. infinity pool.

❀ Kape ni Manang: Anticipate the opening of this coffee shop for a perfect blend of views and brews.

❀ Explore the Grounds: Take a walk around the farm to see the diverse landscapes and future sites like the fishing and boating lakes in a 1 hectare size.

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 Banana Emoji Sticker - Banana Emoji Cute StickersDisclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this blog post about Bukid ni Manang Farm and Resort is based on personal experiences and available information. The resort is continuously evolving, with new features and facilities being added. For the latest updates and details about the farm and resort, please contact the management directly or visit their official social media channels. Additionally, if any snippet of my story seems slightly less sunny, it's not meant to cast a shadow over the place.💕 I’m all about adding a dash of constructive sparkle and recounting our escapade with heartfelt honesty. So, here's to keeping it real and hoping our friendly feedback can sprinkle a little extra enchantment on this delightful destination!  We're committed to showcasing the beauty and vibrant traditions of the Philippines, with a special focus on Samar and Leyte, working to elevate tourism and reveal these treasures globally.

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