TuanTuan's Snow Bun Satisfies our Wants!

Hahaha! That's exactly one good reason why we went back to TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie for the second time. It is about their super delicious buns! Well, June and I prefer the Crispy Pineapple Snow Buns whereas the rest of the male family members pick the Crispy Barbecued Pork snow buns. These buns are relatively new in Manila (few years ago) which have been introduced by restaurateurs such as TuanTuan, engaged in a Chinese brasserie business concept where Hongkong food specialties can be taken in a fine and contemporary Paris cafe-like environment. 

These “snow buns” are basically done in a different manner, compared to the ordinary famous “siopao” bread. Its outward appearance is much inviting that you will not pause to try it! These thin and crisp, milky, flaky and crunchy buns do not only look exquisite but taste divine! That's actually how it tasted on our first try during our first glimpse of the restaurant (click HERE).

But to our dismay, the buns with the pineapple filling at that moment were not available! So, June and I satisfied ourselves with the pork buns instead. Hmmm, these crusty snow buns served hot are indeed to die for and a perfect match for their pot of jasmine green tea! 

Crispy Barbecued Pork Snow Buns (P128/3pcs.)

But of course apart from these wonderful yummy buns, we also loved the bright and lively ambiance of this restaurant. The antique chandeliers, the vintage-inspired photo frames mounted on the wall, and other related novelties complemented the Hong Kong French (“Elysian Chinoiserie”) theme of the restaurant. Tuan tuan's likewise promotes its love for the environment wherein its interior include an attractive wall of green plants which was just a touch away from where we were positioned. 

As we were about 7 (“lucky 7”) in the group, we ordered the following for our dinner escapade: 

Chicken Fillet Curry (P368)

Honey Garlic Spareribs (P298)

Pan-fried Boneless Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

Halibut Belly with Soy Sauce (P388)

We noticed that the menu contains limited options particularly for main dishes, but on the other hand, it had some benefits....the choosing part was not at all difficult!

One of the male group members really loved the noodle soup that he was able to consume all of it with much “gusto”!

Watercress and Almond Fish Soup with Mini Xiao Long Bao Dumplings, Mushroom Balls and Shanghai Thin Noodles

The said dine-out experience wrapped up another successful “meet and greet” with our loved ones! You may agree with us or not, but hanging out with families and friends in a decent restaurant once in a while can be considered as one of life's pleasures! 

The restaurant is quite reasonable (P500/head) , so we recommend this very welcoming restaurant and we look forward to having some snacks in there, but hopefully this time with the crispy snow buns with the pineapple filling!

Till next time,
Maven and June

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