The Lucky Us At Lucky Noodles Restaurant!

June and her HB offered me to have a late lunch with them at the Lucky Noodles Restaurant (my second time) located at the Ground Floor of Solaire Resort and Casino Hotel before embarking on an overnight stay at its new “Sky Tower”.

Since I had a full stomach before leaving home, I was not really drooling for food when I reached the hotel restaurant. Instead of a full meal, I decided to take something light and not so pricey (yeah right, even for food, I go for value for money even if I’m not responsible for the check)! June and her HB have started munching on their food lunch as they have been in abstinence for about 6 hours.

our super late lunch meal

Egg Noodles with Braised Beef Brisket, Beef Tendon and Vegetables P350

Steamed Rice with Crispy Barbecued Pork Belly & Mustard Dip P320

Chilled Green Tea Pudding P130

While browsing the pages of the resto’s menu card, I was given a porcelain white cup filled with hot Jasmine tea. That gave me warmth as I was already having a different feeling because of a sudden climate change in the environment (it was hot outside while the hotel’s cooling system was intense). My light see-through pink dress was inadequate to protect me from the cold air. That was also the reason why my eyes were glued at the congee page of the menu card. Chicken “Lugaw” with Egg (Filipino version of congee) seemed gentle to my appetite at that time, so it was ordered.

Chicken Lugaw with Egg P160

However, just by its looks when served, the lugaw was not sooo inviting, it looked boring! Sad to say, but the “lugaw” of Aling Pacing at the corner of Tandang Sora was more appealing and the aroma, wow you’ll really love it!

As a result, June’s HB ordered another bowl of lugaw out of curiosity but this time it was the real Chinese Congee with Shredded Pork Loin & Salted Egg. But to our dismay, the chicken pinoy version of lugaw was better off than the real Chinese congee. Oh wow, were we lucky at Lucky Noodles at that point in time? We don’t think so. Thus, our rating for their congee is below par.

Congee with Shredded Pork Loin & Salted Egg P220

Don’t get me wrong though. Not all “carte du jour” of Lucky Noodles was a disappointment. The truth is, I love the other food choices of the restaurant. The first time I visited the place, I ordered one of their specialties, the Hainanese chicken (click here) which I thought was tender, juicy and exquisitely done with the sauces and side condiments.

Another feature which I loved at Lucky Noodles is its structure and the interior decoration. The intricate high ceiling and the colorful and flashy wall decors were eye catching.

I also liked the fact that the chefs and cooks can be seen from our vantage point, giving us the assurance that the foods are safely and correctly prepared!

Overall, if your appetite is for traditional Asian food, the Lucky Noodles Restaurant would still be a winner for a dining experience in a hotel casino, like Solaire!!

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