How “Motives” Cosmetics Achieve One’s Beauty Motives!

Nowadays, young ladies or even school girls love to dabble into the art of make-up and as a matter of fact some of them couldn’t even go out without wearing any. It is understandable as most of the ladies and girls would presumably want to look good not only in public but for them as well, to boost their confidence. Some beauty products when put on properly can really enhance one’s natural beauty and complete the look!

Majority of busy women (that includes the ladies behind “An Asian Traveler”), makeup, skin and body care form part of their daily regimen particularly when gracing special occasions. However, with the vast array of beauty products readily available either on line or in super malls, women are a little confused on which products would best suit for them.

One of the makeup and cosmetic brands which is natural based is “Motives” by Loren Ridinger. While the makeup brand may not be affordable to many working women and young ladies, its price range is competitive compared to known high and mid-end cosmetic products in the market. Actually, one of my friends introduced me to this brand and according to her, Motives is the best yet affordable, thus making it in the top of her makeup list. Considered as one of the highest quality products, Motives is being worn by current Hollywood celebrities and a favorite makeup of artists and runway models.


My friend who is based in Australia is one of the dealers of the said cosmetic brand. She sent some of their products as her birthday present for me. What can I say, but thank you very much for her kindness and thoughtfulness!

Based on the product description for translucent powder, among others, Motives sets a flawless finish over any foundation without clogging the pores. Its mineral foundation is infused with aloe vera to provide moisture to skin. For more information about the other products of Motives, please feel free to browse the pages of my friend’s website, with the following link:

While June and I are a fan of natural beauty, we love to explore things which adds beauty to oneself. For instance, wearing light makeup with a dash of blush on the face adds color and flatter one’s skin tone. It can also hide blemishes and minimize imperfections, creating a perfect natural look which makes one on the “Go” and get ready for the day!

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