2015 Papal Visit to the Philippines

visit to the Philippines
Waterfront Manila Pavilion hotel
guests inside Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino
Manila Pavilion hotel
main entrance of Manila Pavilion
Manila Pavilion Hotel
crowds resting and waiting outside the hotel
throngs of people near the hotel
millions of Filipinos
swarming with people near Rizal Park where the final mass was held last Sunday

Pope Francis seeing you is just so overwhelming even on TV. Millions of Filipinos love your limitless euphoric smile. My only regret is not to have been able to see you in person. But then walking in the rain and wading into the insane crowds were already an experience. Thank you Pope Francis for visiting our beloved country, the Philippines. As Cardinal Tagle said, we, Filipinos, promise we will pray for you. Blessed be God forever.

Till next time... toodles,

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