Watching this video is making me seriously consider traveling again. Anyway, join me as I take you on a personal tour around some of China's most captivating and enchanting places we visited - Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Xiamen.

On the other hand, the other part of me appreciates the beauty of online shopping and hotel-cation. Hmm... traveling or shopping? Hotel-cation or traveling? Tsk, tsk... as I write this I am getting increasingly more confused. lol But kidding aside, the idea of traveling sort of went out the window, for now. I'll just content myself the luxury of reminiscing about our past travels once in a while. 
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About June Sosam

Just an average woman making her mark in the blogging world. She wanted to be an interior designer at one point but ended up a history major. Crowded places actually gives her anxiety but it hasn't stop her from wandering. She's trying to spit up the fear so that she can savor the sweetness of traveling.
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