So I finally get to post these random pictures during our gallivanting. I was thrilled to learn that my 6th elder sister Ate R. and her husband were a taking a trip down to Manila, and staying here for more than week. We spent most of our weekends visiting some shopping malls, doing a bit of shopping and stuffing ourselves with food. :) We had amazing meals at several places in town - Gerry's Grill, Gumbo Restaurant, Almon Marina and New Bistro Deli.

Gerry's Grill: Iced Tea, Inihaw na Tuna Belly, Chopsuey,
Crispy Pata, Sizzling Sisig and Nilagang Bulalo

Gumbo Restaurant

New Bistro Deli

We also made sure that we spent our time eating some large pizzas during snack time. Hm, so unhealthy yet so yummy!

Pizza Hut: Super Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme and Bacon Supreme

We also went to SM Mall of Asia last Sunday and we happened to see the All Breed Championship dog show launched by the Philippine Canine Club Inc. I wanted to hug these adorable dogs especially the chubby ones! Goodness, they're like huge stuffed toys!

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the huge SM MOA, checking out at some shops.


checking out some badminton rackets

Marks & Spencer food section

my favorite - Marks & Spencer extremely chocolatey chocolate cornflake mini bites

I was hoping that I'd be able to find some snag-worthy items, but I didn't find anything that boosted my impulse to spend money on. However, I spotted two interesting bags. I've been eyeing this Nine West bag online which is currently on sale for US$39.60 only (60% off the original price), and I happened to see this bag on display at SM Nine West store sold at a much higher price. I didn't buy the bag as it came out too big for my liking.

And here's another bag from Celine store that caught my eye. This reminds me of Celine Nano Luggage Series Handbag from French luxury fashion house of CÉLINE. Hmm, imitation?

Celine Philippines

CÉLINE Paris Nano Luggage Handbag costs around US$1,900

And I saw a nanny carrying this Angry Birds red bag while walking around the mall. Angry Birds game is so successful and popular. Different products and merchandise are now available in the market.

Oh yes, it seems like I've become their designated personal photographer while wandering around, but it feels good to be behind the camera. And it was nice to actually get out and spend time with family.

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  1. very nice pics even minus the beautiful/handsome faces and awesome people behind it. wish i could have the time to shop luxury items and gorge on mouthwatering food!!!

  2. Thank you again so much for having us and for the wonderful time we had while we were with you in Manila. You were very generous, we enjoyed everything.

  3. Hi ate R,
    It was our pleasure.:) Thank you also for bringing my super loved chocolate cake, and to kuya B for buying me a hula hoop from Toby's. I felt like a child that day receiving my wish list candy. ;) Right now, I'm learning how to get this hula hoop to roll around my waist, haha. I remember when I was a child I'm really good at this. I could even roll it around my neck and knees. But now, pfft.


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