The following morning, we got ready for buffet breakfast. As we approached at Corniche Restaurant, heaps of people were already dining and only a few seats remaining inside. Luckily, we sat right next to the glass window with a nice view outside - the beautiful landscaped garden and picturesque rock formation with a cascading waterfall.

the breakfast food offered in Corniche

We were in such a good mood when out of the blue a lady wait-staff with a strangely unsmiling face asked if we could let some strangers take the empty seat at our table. I wasn't pleased at the thought of sharing the table but seeing the restaurant fully packed and to avoid being rude, we said yes.

Sitting with strangers turned into a restrained scenario, to say the least. (The guests who shared with us might have felt the same way.) Frankly, it ruined my enjoyment of my meal. I quickly wolfed down my food in a span of three minutes, excused myself and decided to wait for HB at the lobby lounge.

As I left the place, heading slowly towards the lobby, what greeted me was a long queue of guests blocking the entrance and attempting to enter the crammed full restaurant.
Such a disappointment witnessing diners crowded around in this classy and intimate venue that became the scene of a chaotic restaurant. (Note: Corniche can usually accommodate 210 guests.)

They should have not let this happened, knowing they had tons of hotel guests on that day (a huge group, who I think, attended a seminar/conference and loads of Japanese tourists), they should have just used one of their restaurants, or function rooms, or whatever they could to ensure comfort and privacy.

I don't know about anyone else, but I really prefer to keep the table to myself and to my companion only.
I hope I don't sound like a whinny spoiled brat. I'm not antisocial. I'm just shy with strangers and privacy is something of great importance to me. It may not be a big deal to you, but it is major big deal to me. Well, I guess it's a case of different strokes for different folks.

I don't mind sharing my table to strangers if I'm eating in a "carenderia" or a hash house. You get what you pay for. But this is a 5-star hotel, I believe every guest deserves the utmost comfort
and convenient service possible. After all, we fork over our hard earned cash. Am I right, folks?

Anyway, we had a great stay at Diamond Hotel except for this breakfast fiasco at Corniche Restaurant. (Hopefully, they won't let this happen again.) T
he hotel room was clean and relaxing, the buffet dinner was great, the efficient wait staff on duty that night served us well, and most of all the festive lion & dragon dance performance was a highly entertaining show we liked.

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  1.'s been a while since I last visited your blog. :)
    How's the food btw?

  2. lizzie_lunaMarch 01, 2011

    No need to apologize for wanting privacy. I totally agree with the fact that we must get what we pay for. No matter how good the food is, the setting by which I eat is just as important.