In the afternoon, we hopped into an air-conditioned Blue Bird taxi cab to get to the National Monument (Monas), the most prominent landmark in Jakarta, Indonesia. As soon as we arrived in Lapangan Monas or Merdeka Square in Gambir, we instructed the driver to wait for us for a few minutes.

We noticed immediately the 137 meters tall marble obelisk topped with a cup-shaped flame torch assumed to be coated with 35 kg of gold. This pillar represents the people's determination about achieving the freedom against the Dutch colonialist regime.

The monument, which is built across a land of 80 hectares is open for public and houses an observation deck, historical museum at the basement and meditation hall.

During our visit, there were children having a great time playing and running around the plaza, while a few local picnickers just enjoying the day.

After a short 5-minute coup d'oeil and photo-op, we headed to Plaza Senayan.

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  1. you can go up actually and have a look of the whole city at the observation deck =p very nice... i miss my trip there...but still dont have time to write it down....too many travellings waiting me to settle... anyway glad to see you update here....

  2. Nice. museum meditation hall, observatory all in one place. Sounds intereting.

  3. An impressive freedom monument !

  4. I have yet to go to Indonesia but do hope to go there very soon.

  5. Should be a nice view up there


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