Our afternoon return trip to Shanghai was a (mis)adventure in itself. After checking in and going through security gates at Suzhou terminal, we walked straight up the platform and merged into a huge crowd of commuters waiting for the T Train. Everyone lined up at their designated car numbers.

While waiting, there were two elderly Chinese men who inquired about the assigned numbers. Since we had matching digits indicated on the edge of the platform, we assumed we were on the right row. But the minute the train arrived, we quickly realized we were on the wrong track leading the four of us a FRENETIC RACE. Our designated car number was in the farthest opposite side that seemed like a mile away. (Note: this train is extremely long). I could feel my marathon adrenaline kicking in and my heart just pounding like crazy as HB ran ahead. Imagine the fear on my face! I got scared of being left behind or lost.

Hb was already waiting for me on the door when I reached our assigned coach car. Boarded finally, I plunged a monster sigh of relief but I was coughing profusely, almost out of breath and gasping for air! (Same thing happened to those two Chinese men). Phew! I tried so hard to concentrate on breathing until my blood circulation returned to normal.

Recalling what happened, our almost grueling ultra marathon race is now turned into a story that's good for a chuckle. :)

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  1. You have a great blog. I really enjoy reading and seeing all the great pics you put on here. Keep it up:) Thx

  2. I also had some misadventure with the train when I was in Hungary and Poland


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