October 20, 2008

After Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, we proceeded to Martyr's Shrine, a place built in 1969 dedicated to the fallen heroes who fought courageously in the War for the Republic of China. As soon as we alighted from the car, we saw these two military officers armed with bayoneted rifles standing motionless at the front gate.

the front archway

I think they were stationed for almost an hour under the scorching sun as great beads of perspiration stood out on their faces and with sweat-stained on their uniforms. But fortunately there was an invaluable assistant who constantly wiped the rivulets of sweat on their faces.

Going further into the shrine, we chanced upon this group of marching soldiers. Crowds of spectators including us congregated round the scene. It was exciting and fun watching these men in uniform who showed indefatigable spirit as they executed their military drill with painstaking precision. We found out later that it was the "Change of Guard Ceremony" that took place.

The Martyr's Shrine complex covers a huge area. The Main gate and its terrace sit against the backdrop of the mountain that creates a rich natural serenity and inviting ambiance.

the main gate and its terrace

a beautiful structure inside the complex
inside view of the archway
the huge open area

In front of the main gate is a pair of carved marble lions, weighing 8 tons each. The one which step on a ball is a male while the other which embraces a lionet, a female.

male lion

The Main gate and its terrace have a total area of 386 square meters (256 square meters for the terrace). The structure is reinforced concrete with a glazed tiled roof and a ceiling covered with Chinese color painting. It has three shrines, a shrine for general, for civilians and for military personnel. The buildings are replica after the palaces of Ming Dynasty with its vermilion pillars and gates.

the main shrine

Another two soldiers in white uniform guarding the main shrine

inside the main shrine

The main gate has four hexagonal objects which are called lintels of the gate, a symbol representing the social and caste position of the resident in ancient China.
the main gate

a huge wall-mounted plate near the gate depicting the brave and loyal martyrs

It is said that the president of Taiwan arrives every year in a great show of regalia to honor the nation's martyr.

Martyr's Shrine is located at 139 Bei-An Road, Taipei 104 Taiwan. It opens at 9:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm, Sundays to Fridays. I'm not sure about the admission because our tour guide was the one who took care of all our needs. But I guess it is free as I had not seen any ticket booths there.

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  1. This place is a must visit place. So many things to observe and free of charge

  2. Very beautiful photos. Oh I love to visit Taiwan again. I love to watch the soldiers changing shifts. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful. I always have fun reading your travelogues! And the photos are very sharp and clear! Thanks for sharing your with us!

  4. it felt like i was with you on this post. thanks a lot for the tour. i specifically like the main temple. and the shot of the guard perspiring is funny.

  5. Wow! I'm amazed by the determination shown by the lone guard! Glad he has an assistant to assist him. Great travel guide, and I especially love your Melaka guide. ;)

  6. great shots, interesting post! i love the facade of the building (with red pillars)---so beautiful. and the pagoda, so serene.

  7. Nice post and interesting. I'm amazed that the guard let you take picture of him with all that sweat. You make Taiwan look inviting.


  8. How poore the guardian is..

  9. your china travels was beautifully presented, i'll come back and read the rest of your blog after work .............. good work!!!

  10. Hi Asian Traveler! Interesting post, great pictures!
    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter has a Rhapsody in Blue post waiting for your comments!! Not many words, just the rhapsody! Enjoy!

  11. Thanks for commenting everyone! :)


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