After the city tour, we rested for a while then headed to Kinabuchs Grill and Bar for dinner. It's an open-air bar with native huts and alfresco setting. It is nestled on a side street with huge parking area and filled with tall trees.

We sampled some of their hot dishes like Sizzling Tuna (Php 135.00) and Sizzling Spareribs (Php 145.00). We also had Buko Shake (Php 70.00) and Cali (Php 35.00). The food was okay and quite spicy. The buko shake wasn't memorable like Kalui's great shake, but it was good enough to quench my thirst.

Sizzling Spareribs and Sizzling Tuna

Oh, and if you're daring enough, you may also try their famous Palawan's exotic local delicacy known as "Kinilaw na Tamilok", a live woodworm marinated in vinegar or calamansi juice. (sorry folks no pics) We never really tried this dish for the reason that we are not that extreme fearless omnivores. It may seem kind of icky and gross but this is known as an aphrodisiac and most aficionados say it tastes like oyster or cheese. hmmm...

There were many patrons came in and the place filled up pretty fast. Overall, I could have enjoyed dinner if it weren't for those pesky mosquitoes that were out in full force, having a grandiose party while sucking my precious blood. There were few electric mosquito killers placed in some sections, but it weren't very helpful at all. My feet got plenty of mosquito bites while hubby remain unmolested. He was wearing rubber shoes (lucky him!) and I was wearing slippers only.

The bar is a great place to spend time over a game of billiard and enjoy refreshingly cold drinks or alcoholic beverages. They have satellite TV, where you can watch your favorite sports and other popular channels. It's a favorite meeting place and known with locals and tourists alike. Kinabuchs Grill and Bar is located at Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines (Telephone: 6348.4345194).

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  1. On the sight of the woodworm while watching that Bizarre Food show, I already felt disgusted! The local pulled out a worm from the trunk, squeezed out the black color "wood" from the body, dipped it into the lemon juice and ate it! Hmm... wonder if these woodworms are very nutritious kind of food source! XP


  2. @ Eunice:
    It’s actually rich in protein, calcium and iodine. :)

  3. @jasperjugan:
    I can only imagine the look of pure disgust you must feel.hahaha... Although Tamilok looks like worm, it is in fact a mangrove-boring mollusk.

  4. heard about this place from the travelogue "trip na trip" of catherine de castro. i just cant wait to experience palawan.

  5. @the islander:
    Yeah, you really should check it out, explore the place and go for island hopping.

  6. I was in Kinabuchs a couple of times during a holiday with my parents in PPS in April. the food and ambience is fantatsic and I love the wood worm. The price is so friendly as well, great value for the food especially freshly caught prawns..Irresistable.!Next tie I will be in Palawan, will stay again at the Badjao Inn which is next to Kinabuchs...just a walk away!-Lax Mendoza, Hilton dubai Creek, United Arab Emirates


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