The following day we had our quick breakfast of burger (Y3.00) from Trust-Mart, a department store and supermarket that offer a wide assortment of general merchandise and a full-line supermarket.

our breakfast :)

Then we zipped over again to Zhongshan Road for a leisurely walk.

And later visited several shops like Blue Hut, a well-known little gift shop, and Yisa store, which has several branches throughout the city.

Blue Hut
Actually, there are many small gift shops located just off the Zhongshan Road that offer the same novelty & souvenir items. But unfortunately, our shopping was a humdrum experience. We just found very few items that really tickled our fancy. But, on the other hand, Zhongshan Road was a good place for us to embark on an afternoon and a night leisurely walk while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. It was also a good place for people watching especially the fashionable women with their winter fashion style. I observed that one of the fashion statements enjoyed by the majority of ladies there was the "high-heeled boots".

Please take note that Zhongshan Road is always jammed with people particularly in the evening. Many stores are open from nine o'clock in the morning until very late at night.

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