T-House Complimentary Breakfast Meal

The next day we had our fabulous breakfast. The restaurant was unoccupied, which was nice because we got to settle in before the rush. The waiter handed the menus to us, and we were then offered with buffet assortment of breads laid on the baskets with choices of herb and garlic butter. And there was also a good platter of sliced fresh fruits such as papaya, mango and pineapple.

We both had a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then I opted for the Rich Chocolate Homemade Pancake with bacon, butter and jam. Since this was a complimentary breakfast, I just paid Php 50.00 (Original price is Php 200.00 for walk-in guests). I loved the huge layered pancake, which has an interesting combination of sweet and mildly salty flavors. I just wish they drizzled more chocolate syrup and more bacons on top. *big grin*

And hubby had his complimentary Hawaiian Chicken Tocino Rice Meal served with choice of eggs, garlic rice and three kinds of salsa. (Price: Php 185.00 for walk-in guests)

Soon after we came out of the restaurant with a heavy tummy. I hate to leave such good tasting food on the plate but I was way too full already, so 1/4 of my pancake was left untouched. *gloomy face*

During the day, the restaurant gives you a homey type of atmosphere.

The kitchen can be viewed outside through the glass wall where you get to see directly the chef and staffs where they efficiently prepared the food.

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