The next morning we decided to go to Nanjing Road for some serious shopping. We did a lot of walking spryly and hb took the opportunity to purchase on some interesting books.

The following day - all too soon it was time to go home. Our guide escorted us to Shanghai Maglev Train in Longyang Road Station departing to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

( MagLev Longyang Road Station)


(Maglev Train Ticket Booth)


The Shanghai Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Train is the first commercial high-speed maglev line in the world. Constructed on March 2001, and public service commenced on January 1, 2004.


(Inside the Maglev Train - Economy)

The 30-kilometer trip will take only eight minutes with a regular service speed of 431/km/h (a digital speed indicator is shown).

The Shanghai Maglev Train operates between Longyang Road Metro Station in Pudong New District and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, everyday from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm at intervals of 15-20 minutes.

As of November 2006, the one way ticket costs 50 renminbi (RMB) (about $6.33 US dollars) and 40 RMB (US$5.06) for airline passengers with proof of an airline E-ticket purchase receipt (plane boarding passes are not acceptable). One-way VIP ticket costs 100 RMB (US$12.66). A round-trip ticket costs 80 RMB (US$10.13). (Click here for the Maglev train rate as of January 2010)

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  1. i bet you had a nice train ride and those pictures were properly taken you shared with me a bit of your trip...^^


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