Amazing Race Asia (Promotional Event)

For all Filipinos out there: You guys might want to check this out...

  • Participants must be aged 18 & above on race day. The team can be made up of 2 people of the same gender or mixed group.
  • ID cards with picture must be presented for proof of age.
  • Each team must consist of two members.
  • Each team must submit a team photo on
  • Participants must complete and sign all registration and indemnity forms provided by the race organizers.
  • Participants must be of sound physical condition, free of any type of bodily ailment and must not be pregnant. If in any case that an individual is allowed by the race organizer to participate, it is still his/her responsibility to inform the race organizers or doctors of any possible factors that may trigger or aggravate a specific ailment.
  • Participants must be present for the race briefing. The Race Organizer reserves the right to reject a team’s application if in the Race Organizer’s sole discretion and opinion, any member of the team is deemed in any other way not able or fit to compete in the race safely. The Race Organizer’s decision will be final.
  • Each member of each team must have his/her own set of personal life, accident and medical insurance prior to entering the registration process.
  • Each participant is allowed to register with ONLY one team.
If interested click here to Register. Hurry, registration ends on October 20, 2007 (Saturday).

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