Melissa Shoes is now in the Philippines!

It was raining tremendously heavily last week here in Manila, and I would like to thank God for that answered prayer. Well, at least it helped increase the water level of Angat Dam in Norzagaray, Bulacan. Millions of residents in Metro Manila are affected with these water shortage.

Out of the blue, the thought of comfy plastic shoes came also to my mind. As we all know, regular shoes can be worrisome during rainy season. Those jelly shoes reminds me and brought me back to my childhood days. I had a pair of clear jelly sandal back in the day and I always wear it when it rains. And I realize, hey, I haven't seen plastic shoes for quite a long time.

Just three days ago, while browsing the net, imagine my pleasant surprise when I found these jelly shoes named "Melissa" from Brazil.

Melissa has been a part of the Brazilian culture for the past 25 years and now, finally arrived in the Philippines last July 2007. The new looks are all about from stilettos to flats in glossy, bright, solid colors.

Melissa shoes have styled and glamorized jelly shoes, and come in all shapes and colors. Each Melissa shoe is formed using Melflex, this material has characterisitics which provide improved elasticity, impermeability and resistance. According to Beatriz Acosta, there are around 25 fabulous shoe designs and colors available in the Philippines, and there are more Melissas to come soon!

And from what I know, fashionistas have apparently been raiding and cleaning out the stores. As a result, most-desired items were always out of stock. So, always be on the lookout for the latest and upcoming news.

And ladies, get your express card ready and keep your wallet handy because these shoes are more expensive than the popular Havaianas.

Price Range:
P2,500.00 to P4,000.00 per pair

Mia Bella (Serendra)
Culte Femme (Rustan's Tower, Rustan's Makati)
Mix Boutique (Greenbelt 3)

(photo source: Beatriz Acosta)

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  1. Wow, jelly shoes! These shoes are definitely for the shoe fetish crowd. Thanks for sharing it.


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