Malinta Tunnel Night Tour is a special tour, which is not included in the regular day tour. This will be availed only by guests who stays overnight in Corregidor.

Our tour guide came to pick us up together with our fellow overnighters at the hotel's lobby at 5:00 in the afternoon. Our local guide brought us again to the Malinta Tunnel and explained a little further about the history. It is said that some of its laterals were so secret only those working there knew of their existence. Branching off from this main shaft are 13 laterals on its north side and another 11 laterals on the south side. Each lateral averaged 160 feet and 15 feet in length and width, respectively.

Our exploration began.
We entered to one of the innermost laterals of the tunnel. I heard before that these are notoriously hunted but our guide started to demolish our superficial perceptions about the place.

This tour allow us to see the different laterals of the 1,000-bed capacity Fort Mills Hospital that was used during the seige of Corregidor.

I have read that the quarters for the female staff of the hospital was the only lateral inside the Malinta Tunnel which was secured with a heavy steel door and bolted at night for the security and privacy of the women.

the quarter for the female staff
our adventure
The most exciting of all was when our guide told us to switch-off all the flashlights. I felt a cold air spilling in my body and a brush of fear when we were exposed to the pitch blackness of the tunnel.

The MacArthur's Escape Tunnel is an escape tunnel supposedly dug especially for MacArthur.

The "air vent" near the hospital tunnels was used by the looters as their passageway in taking innumerable items.

The Malinta Tunnel Night tour is unique and a lot more exciting than the regular day tour. This is a very interesting activity that should not be missed when you stay overnight in Corregidor Island.

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