Fishing Village & Island Cove Cafe

We had our dinner at the Fishing Village.

Seafood and Filipino dishes are the house specialties. We ordered rice served on a "palayok" (clay pot) and Sinigang na baboy (pork in sour broth) and the delicious taste is simply irresistible, ahhh... We also had beef steak (small serving), and fried kangkong which is good but too oily. It cost us around P700.00 including two bottles of mineral water.

The place is overlooking the scenic horizon of Manila Bay. The sea breeze fans through the open-air interior. The split bamboo walls, the nipa roof, lamp holders, tiny light bulbs, and string of elongated pieces of wood & capiz window-like style adorning the ceiling all provided a homey atmosphere.

Highly acoustic performers from love songs to folk and country add entertainment to guests on the second level of the Fisherman's Deck.

There are also the floating huts of Fishing Village with varnished bamboo balustrade of the deck.

You can also catch bred fish like bangus, tilapia, pargo, lapu-lapu and have it cooked the way you want it. The fishing fee comes with a bamboo rod and bait. Fish caught is charged per weight. If fishing is not your forte, you can just order the fresh seafoods you want.

Fishing village is built over 10-foot-deep seawater and straddles a two-hectare fish pen teeming with all kinds of fish that thrive only in deep seawater.

The next day, we had our buffet breakfast at Island Cove Cafe.

Mostly traditional American and Continental breakfast entries were served such as breads, eggs (you can ask the chef to cooked the way you want it), slice hotdogs with sauce, fish fillet, roasted pork loin, ham, toasted bread with maple syrup and others. Desserts were pineapple and watermelon and choices of coffee and orange juice for drinks.

We had a little bit of everything on our plate. The foods were all presented well. But hubby didn't like that much and neither did I, because the food was cold and pretty tasteless.

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