Curse of the Golden Flower

We watched this movie last Sunday. Curse of the Golden Flower is an intensifying and intricate web of passion, deceit, betrayal, murder and schemes to power that entangles the Royal Family.

Hong Kong Actor Chow Yun Fat plays as Emperor Ping, while Chinese Actress Li Gong, who has starred in many Zhang Yomou's films in the past, plays Empress Phoenix. Liu Ye plays Crown Prince Wan, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou stars as Prince Jai, and Qin Junjie is Prince Yu, the youngest prince. The Imperial Doctor is played by Ni Dahong, his wife by Chen Jin, and their daughter, Jiang Chan, by Li Man. I must say all the actors did a superb and outstanding job of making the story come to life.

It features many lengthy dazzling fighting scenes. The choreography is spectacular.

And a stunning array of Chinese Costumes that is visually extravagant.

Despite the lackluster and tragic ending, I was just totally thrilled and engrossed in the story.

This movie is an Academy Award-nominated 2006 Chinese historical drama film directed by Zhang Yimou.

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