Gloria Jean's Coffees

At 9:00 pm, the rain was still pouring down hard but the whole family decided to have a night on the town. Mom opted not to go with us because she was already sleepy.

We went to Gloria Jean's Coffees, one of the world's largest chains of specialty coffee retailers and is also one of the fastest growing franchise organizations in Australia.

Gloria Jean's Coffees are renown for their handcrafted hot and cold drinks, traditional espresso drinks, a range of single origins, blends and whole bean coffees and specialty teas, and also pastries and coffee accessories. Gloria Jean's offers more than 40 flavored whole bean coffees, both regular and decaffeinated.

The coffee shop offers both interior and exterior seating. The interior has an exceptional modern design. It is styled in a very comfortable, inviting way. It's a small coffee shop with informal and relaxed atmosphere, which allows you to let yourself be comfortable there. The place is ideal for stay-up-late people.

We shelled out around P2,000 for 15 people. We ordered a variety of hot and cold coffee concoctions and also pastries like chocolate chip cookie, brownie and banana loaf.

And here are some pictures of me and the whole family goofing around with the camera and having fun...

Gloria Jean's Coffees is located at Avenida Veteranos, Tacloban City (near Chowking).

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