Bohol Part VIII: Hinagdanan Cave

After shopping we proceeded to Panglao Island. Panglao Island is adjacent to some of the country's dive site and has white beaches, including Alona Beach which has shade tag of the next Boracay. We just wanted to roam around the vicinity and plan our island hopping the next day.

We stopped by first in Panglao Island Nature Resort. PINR is the most expensive resort in Panglao. Prices range from $130-$240 per night. Regular entrance rate is P300 per head. But if you're staying in Metrocenter Hotel (sister company), you can get a 50% discount of the entrance fee.

At that time, the rain poured down so hard and we were lazy to get out of the van. We never really had an ample time to see the place, not even to take pictures. So, we decided to just go to Hinagdanan Cave.

the entrance and exit to the cave

HINAGDANAN CAVE is situated 15 kilometers west of Tagbilaran City. Entrance Fee is P15 per person. This is my second cave tour. My first was at Batu Cave in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Both these caves are small and have been renovated and transformed for tourist attraction.

It has a stingy smell once you entered the cave because of the lurking bats inside. The place is dark and hot!

stalactites and stalagmites
Hinagdanan Cave 2

The place is dimly lighted by fluorescent lamps along a strip ushering visitors to a reservoir of crystal seawater.

I was just taking pictures in all directions when I realized that I captured some of these images.

Hinagdanan Cave

There's a streaks of light coming from the upper left corner of the ceiling that brightens the obscure part of the cave, luring visitors and residents alike to take a dip into the pool. Sad to say, the photos are too dark that you wont' see the pool area.

An open stair leading to the exit

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