Home Sweet Home

Home sweet Home. We just got back last Wednesday night from China tour. It was a good trip but a tiring experience. Our own 3 days walking tour activities were physically demanding. My feet were already aching and crippling me. But the good side was we intermingled with the locals, rode the buses, taxis and subway. And we get familiarized some of their streets and places that we won’t be acquainted with if we're in a group tour.

While our full six days group tour was light. We didn’t have to walk that long because we had our own tour bus. But we had to get up early in the morning everyday and slept late at night. We had to follow the time schedule but it was a good trip though. We were so pampered by our tour guides, Cristina and Jane. The six days tours were all full board meals and they served us traditional dishes in Buffet style. So, there were always huge portions of food.

But I was disappointed when I received my checked-in luggage that was broken and damaged from our Beijing to Shanghai flight. It looks like it was smashed and thrown. I didn't file a claim for damaged luggage to the Airport Baggage Center because we were in a group tour and we might be a cause for delay in the scheduled itineraries and even worse the airline might not pay for it. So, I just leave it at that. (See the pics)

Whoa! Look what just happened!!!

Luckily we found cheap travel bags at CARREFOUR Hypermarket in Shanghai. We bought two traveling bags for Php 600.00 (medium size) and Php 800.00 (large size). Not bad at all.

In the next few weeks, I'll be posting our travel adventure and some of our pics.

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