24: Season 5 (Jack and Chloe)

Department of Defense, Washington DC -Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense
CTU -Director of Field Operations, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
CTU -Former Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles Domestic Unit
Los Angeles PD -Special Weapons and Tactics

LASD -Basic SWAT School
Master of Science, Criminology and Law - University of California (Berkeley)
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature - University of California (Los Angeles)
Special Forces Operations Training Course

US Army - Combat Applications Group,
Delta Force Counter Terrorist Group

Daughter - Kimberly Bauer

Tick-tock, tick-tock ... We just finished watching 24: Season 5 last night. This is one of my favorite TV Series. And I highly recommend this film because it's fast paced and full packed action-drama. And also emotionally engaging because it has a lot of twists and turns that kept you guessing. Every episode covers 40-45minutes of real time, and the season's entire story take place only in one day.

But of course Jack will never be successful without the help of Chloe O' Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), the computer genius. Her expertise are Built IPSec architecture. Attacks scripts, computer vulnerabilities, intrusion detection, penetration testing, operational security, viruses Proficiency in Cerberus and PlutoPlus. Woooha!

Before, I hated Chloe. I don't like the expression of her face. I've been asking myself, what's the problem with this girl? She always has this scowl on her face, frowns when she's annoyed and she glowered when interrupted. As if she's bearing the extraordinary burden in the world. In short "PARANG PALAGING GALIT SA MUNDO" Hahaha... But now, I love this girl. I always had a lot of fun watching her. And despite her lack of social skills, she has shown to have a great deal of loyalty with her several friends especially Jack. And there was a scene that really touched me. When Chloe started to cry and showed deep emotional response, when she watched her friend (Edgar) die after exposure to deadly nerve gas. It breaks my heart and tears ran down my face. But I quickly wiped away my tears as my hubby might see me. Hehehe...

And I can't wait to see SEASON 6 on JANUARY 2007 and what all these amazing characters will do next.

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