A Gastronomic Buffet Fiesta at Cafe Ilang-Ilang in The Iconic Manila Hotel

Greetings, my dearest epicureans and wanderlust-stricken souls! Prepare to be enchanted as I guide you through the hallowed halls of The Manila Hotel, a sanctuary where the splendor of yesteryears embraces the warmth of Filipino hospitality with open arms. Ah, The Manila Hotel, a majestic empress perched in the throbbing heart of Manila, where every corner whispers tales of grandeur and every bite is a testament to culinary mastery. This isn't merely a place to stay; it's a realm where history pirouettes with the present, and the melody of the past dances to the rhythm of clinking crystal and the symphony of satisfied sighs.

The Manila Hotel, a beacon of a history, has played host under its opulent roof to the world's illustrious—a cavalcade of presidents, kings, and stars, with names like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon gracing its guest books. It has been the stage for grand international dialogues and sumptuous soirees, etching its name as a paragon of sophistication and splendor. Its architecture, a harmonious blend of Filipino artistry and American elegance, stands as a monument to cultural fusion. 

The Manila Hotel, an emblem of luxury and a silent sentinel to the Philippines' vibrant tapestry of history. Birthed on the 6th of October, 1912, it stands not just as a structure but as a cherished emblem in the hearts of Filipinos and globe-trotters alike. This grand dame has gracefully pirouetted through the tempest of wars and the whispers of peace. It's where General Douglas MacArthur hung his military cap during his tenure as the Military Advisor to the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines. Rumor has it that the General was as particular about his suites as he was about his battle strategies. But don't worry, the only battle you'll be fighting here is the temptation to have a second helping of their famous halo-halo and their mouthwatering buffets.😊

It has risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes of the Battle of Manila in 1945, a testament to resilience and enduring grace. Today, The Manila Hotel continues to unfurl its legacy, a proud standard-bearer of Filipino hospitality and heart.

As we sauntered into the hotel, we were immediately taken aback by the extravagant display before us. The Paskong Sariling Atin theme had transformed the entire space into a mesmerizing spectacle that could only be described as 'Christmas on steroids'. The golden glow of Ilang-Ilang blooms, the official flower of the Grand Dame, radiated with a brilliance that rivaled my aunt's sequined holiday sweater.😆 Towering above us, amidst the majestic Doric columns, stood a Christmas tree that would make the Rockefeller Center green with envy. Adorned with an abundance of ornaments and the signature golden and radiant glow of the Ilang-Ilang flower garlands, which also adorned the chandeliers throughout The Manila Hotel's lobby. 

Every corner of the hotel lobby seemed to be infused with the enchanting spirit of the season. The warm and inviting ambiance created by the Ilang-Ilang flower garlands and the sparkling lights brought a sense of joy and wonder to all who entered. It was as if we had stepped into a magical golden wonderland, where every detail had been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of awe and delight. This was a Christmas display unlike any other, and it was clear that the Manila Hotel had spared no expense in creating a truly unforgettable experience for its guests.

As the New Year's festivities wind down and resolutions of healthier eating begin to wane under the weight of real cravings, there's one indulgence that's worth every bite. So,  let's talk turkey – or in this case, lechon. Our taste buds were on a mission as we made our way to Cafe Ilang-Ilang for the lunch buffet post-New Year's revelry. Known for its smorgasbord that spans the globe, this restaurant is like the United Nations of food, minus the diplomatic immunity. https://www.animoticons.com/files/emotions/happy-smiley-faces/83.gif

Welcome to Cafe Ilang-Ilang, where culinary excellence meets entertainment in a delightful twist that will leave you craving for more. With its eight live cooking stations, this restaurant offers a diverse range of Asian, Mediterranean, European, and Western dishes, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every palate.

 The home-baked bread selection – from sesame to high-fibre – was a carb-lover's dream, a fluffy cloud in the sky of gluttony. The charcuterie was a meaty masterpiece, a symphony of salamis and a concerto of cured meats. The carving stations were where the magic happened, and by magic, I mean the transformation of a whole animal into succulent slices of joy.

Artisanal ice cream scooped up happiness, while the healthy green salads tried to convince us that balance is key (nice try, salads). Halal food options stood proudly, offering a delicious embrace to all. 

And let's not forget about the Filipino dishes, for they truly steal the show! These delectable creations are not just mere food, but rather a delightful journey down memory lane. Each bite is a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant culinary traditions that define our beloved country. It's like being wrapped in a warm embrace from your grandmother, with the Lechon crackling like the sound of autumn leaves underfoot. 

And who can resist the Ensaladang labanos as an appetizer? Its refreshing crunch is a poetic ode to the local palate, leaving a lasting impression that feels like a love letter to our taste buds.

Moreover, the Sinigang na Salmon takes comfort to a whole new level. It's like being cocooned in a cozy blanket on a chilly evening, with every spoonful offering a soothing and satisfying experience. 

And let's not forget about the shrimp, with its tantalizing sauce that looks so good, it could make a mermaid give up her voice! Although, I must admit, I can't recall its name at the moment, probably because my taste buds are too busy throwing a party for all the other delicious dishes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join in on the shrimp festivities, as I have the unfortunate superpower of being allergic to it.

But we're not done yet! The 
Korean dishes added a K-drama flair without the subtitles, with dishes like pajeon pancake, hobak jeon,  fried mandu and more that are sure to ignite your senses. And the Mongolian lamb, which was more Mongol Empire than Genghis Khan could ever handle.

And for those with a sweet tooth, the dessert station is a dreamland where the buko salad and mango lassi reign supreme, 
 and to seafood pesto – were a sweet ending better than any rom-com,

Embark on a liquid odyssey that tantalizes your taste buds with a symphony of beverages designed to delight and refresh. Picture yourself sipping on the vibrant, ruby-red elixir of cranberry juice, each gulp bursting with a tartness that dances on the tongue, or let the subtle, sweet murmur of lychee nectar transport you to a faraway tropical paradise. Apple juice, the golden ambrosia of orchards, promises a crisp and wholesome escape, while their detox water—a potion of purity—invites you to indulge in the essence of rejuvenation.

But why stop there? For the devoted disciples of the bean, the menu reads like an ode to the almighty coffee. Immerse yourself in the deep, soulful embrace of a variety of options, including freshly brewed coffee, Americano, espresso, decaf, latte, and cappuccino. So, whether you're a zest seeker, or a devoted coffee pilgrim, their array of liquid jewels is waiting to be discovered.

However, what truly distinguishes Cafe Ilang-Ilang is its unwavering dedication to delivering a dining experience that seamlessly combines sophistication and comfort. At this exceptional establishment, patrons are invited to approach the counter stations and personally request their desired dishes from the chef or server. Acting as culinary curators, these skilled professionals graciously plate up the selected items, ensuring that each dish is presented on its own immaculate plate. This sets Cafe Ilang-Ilang apart from other restaurants where customers are required to retrieve their own plates and simply scoop the desired food onto them. Here, it is the chef or server who takes the responsibility of scooping each delectable morsel onto the plate, ensuring a truly elevated dining experience.
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In conclusion, our buffet experience at Cafe Ilang-Ilang was like attending the best food party thrown by the coolest historical figure you know. It was a feast for the senses, a tickle for the taste buds, and a reminder that when it comes to buffets, The Manila Hotel doesn't just set the bar – it is the bar. So, if you haven't been, put on your stretchy pants and make a reservation. Your stomach will thank you, and your Instagram will be on fire. Bon Appétit, or as we say in Manila, KAIN NA!Mouse Girl Happy Waving Arms Emoticons

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