Shibuya's Iconic Tsutaya and Starbucks Shut Down

The iconic Shibuya Tsutaya landmark, known for its exceptional view of the bustling Shibuya Scramble crosswalk, has recently closed its doors for renovation. This closure was prompted by the need to adapt to the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, with a significant shift towards streaming services. Shibuya Tsutaya, a store that specializes in video rental, books, manga, and CDs, had to reevaluate its business model to stay relevant in the digital age.

On October 31, the store officially closed its doors, leaving locals and travelers without their beloved meeting spot. However, this closure is not permanent. The company has exciting plans to revitalize the location and offer customers even more value. The Shibuya Tsutaya Starbucks, which has been a staple of the landmark for the past 24 years, is also affected by this renovation. While Tsutaya has announced a reopening by Spring 2024, the fate of Starbucks remains uncertain, as the official website states that its business is currently suspended.

The Q Front Building Tsutaya, where the Shibuya Tsutaya landmark was located, has already undergone some changes. The building's facade is now covered with a large banner, proudly announcing Tsutaya's renewal. This renovation aims to create a space that caters to the evolving needs and preferences of customers. By focusing on the aspects of the business that are performing the best, Tsutaya hopes to create a revitalized space that will continue to attract visitors and provide them with an exceptional experience.

For those who have fond memories of meeting friends or enjoying a cup of coffee at the Shibuya Tsutaya Starbucks, the uncertainty surrounding its future may be disappointing. However, this closure presents an opportunity for Starbucks to reassess its presence in the area and potentially come back with a fresh and innovative concept that aligns with the changing times.

As the renovation work progresses, locals and travelers eagerly await the reopening of the Shibuya Tsutaya landmark. The anticipation is high, as the store has been an integral part of the Shibuya community for decades. With its prime location and history of offering a diverse range of entertainment options, the renewed Tsutaya is sure to capture the hearts of visitors once again. 


In the meantime, visitors to Shibuya can explore the numerous other attractions and landmarks that make this district so vibrant. From trendy shops and boutiques to delicious dining options, there is no shortage of things to see and do in this bustling neighborhood. Shibuya continues to evolve and adapt, ensuring that it remains a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. 

As we eagerly await the reopening of the Shibuya Tsutaya landmark, let's embrace the changes happening in the entertainment industry and look forward to the exciting new experiences that await us in Spring 2024. The future of Shibuya Tsutaya and its Starbucks may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure – the spirit of innovation and adaptation will continue to thrive in this iconic district.

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