Discover the Allure of Japan at Mitsukoshi BGC

In the bustling city of Manila, amidst the chaos and fast-paced lifestyle, there are moments when we need to pause, reflect, and remember our loved ones, especially on All Soul's Day. As the sun gently kissed the sky, we embarked on a heartfelt journey to the Heritage Cemetery. The serene atmosphere beautifully adorned graves, and white tents welcomed us, creating a sense of peace and tranquility. With a basket of flowers in hand, we made our way to my sister's resting place. As we stood there, memory flooded my mind, and a bittersweet smile graced my face. It was a moment of prayer, reflection, and remembrance.

After our emotional visit, we decided to satiate our hunger at the renowned Din Tai Fung. Known for its delectable Xialongbao and Taiwanese mouthwatering dishes, this culinary gem did not disappoint. We savored each bite, relishing in the flavors that danced in our taste buds. The ambiance, coupled with the exceptional service, made it an unforgettable dining experience.

With our spirits lifted and our bellies content, we headed to the Mitsukoshi Mall. Having visited during its early days, we were excited to see how it had evolved. 

Mitsukoshi BGC is the first branch of the renowned Japanese retail chain Mitsukoshi in the Philippines. Located within the four-tower residential complex called The Seasons Residences, this mall serves as a podium structure. With a total of four storeys, including a basement level, Mitsukoshi BGC offers a diverse range of shopping options. Positioned as a "lifestyle mall," Mitsukoshi BGC primarily showcases stores and outlets featuring popular Japanese brands.

The vibrant atmosphere and the plethora of stores that greeted us were a testament to its growth. We meandered through the aisles, exploring the latest fashion trends, unique trinkets, and exquisite home decor. 

If you're a fashion enthusiast who appreciates the artistry and uniqueness of Japanese fashion, Explore the Snidel and Fray I.D stores and immerse yourself and discover the perfect blend of street culture and elegance with Snidel, or unleash your inner office fashionista with Fray I.D. Whatever your style preferences may be, you might find it here. 

Then a quick stop at Daiso Japan on the second floor added a touch of whimsy to our shopping spree. If you're looking to save money, Daiso Japan is a great option as it is a popular Japanese discount store where you can find a wide range of affordable and unique items. From kitchenware to stationery, beauty products to home decor, Daiso has it all.

As I ventured further into Mitsukoshi Mall, I went directly to Mitsukoshi Fresh, a depachika or food market in the basement. At Mitsukoshi Fresh, customers can find a wide selection of fresh food and imported goods from Japan, allowing them to experience the essence of the Land of the Rising Sun through their senses.

The deli and dining area inside the grocery section is a hidden gem, offering a cozy and convenient spot to enjoy a delicious meal. Whether you're craving sushi, tempura, or from Ikomai menu, Mitsukoshi Fresh has it all.

When we visited Japan a couple of times, one thing that truly mesmerized me was the enchanting way they showcased their food and snacks. The meticulously wrapped boxes, embellished with captivating designs and an array of colors, were an absolute delight to behold. And guess what? We can experience the same magic right here at Misukoshi Fresh! As soon as I laid eyes on it, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude that this exquisite presentation style has made its way to our shores. Although it may not be as extensive as what Japan offers, it's truly wonderful to have this unique culinary experience available in the Philippines. I couldn't help but feel a sense of joy knowing that Misukoshi Fresh has brought a piece of Japan's culinary artistry to our doorstep.

One of the standout items at Mitsukoshi Fresh is the Tokyo Banana. These soft cakes filled with banana goodness are a must-try for any Japanophile. Individually wrapped and exclusively available at Mitsukoshi Fresh, they make for a perfect snack or gift.

For coffee lovers, the UCC Experience station is a must-visit. Located in the center of the supermarket, it showcases The Roasters, Ueshima, and Sumiyaki coffees, providing a truly immersive coffee experience. From the aroma to the taste, UCC coffee is a treat for the senses.

As I approached the shelves, I couldn't help but be enticed by the wide array of Japanese biscuits, crackers, and snacks on display. They seemed to call out to me, urging me to indulge in their delicious offerings. Intrigued by the array of Japanese treats, I couldn't resist grabbing a few packs of Japanese biscuits and a bottle of organic green tea to try at home. 

If you're looking for a healthy and refreshing option while shopping at the market, be sure to check out the salad and juice bar! With a variety of fresh ingredients and tasty combinations, you can customize your own salad or choose from one of the pre-made options. And if you're in the mood for a drink, the juice bar offers a selection of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. So next time you're at the market, don't forget to stop by the salad and juice bar for a delicious and nutritious treat!

However, what truly sets Mitsukoshi Fresh apart is their unparalleled assortment of exclusive Japanese products that can only be found at Mitsukoshi  Fresh Supermarket.

Adjacent to the supermarket, you'll find The Bakery by Cafe Dolci. This cozy bakery offers a variety of freshly baked breads and pastries. I bought some breads, and as a self-proclaimed chocolate lover, I treated myself to two bars of exquisite Chocolate Bar with 55% Aoro dark chocolate to take home and enjoy later.

While our visit to Mitsukoshi shopping mall was impromptu and without any prior planning, it turned out to be a delightful experience. The variety of stores and the authentic Japanese products available made it a true haven for any Japan enthusiast. If only I had more time, I would have been able to explore and purchase even more. But perhaps it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, rescuing my wallet from a potential financial crisis and sparing our storage cabinet from  goodies avalanche. Thank goodness for small miracles, or else I would have been drowning in a sea of snacks like a chip-loving pirate.😄

Mitsukushi Fresh is not the only gem in the basement,  it is also a treasure trove of bakeries, eateries, cafes, and other food establishments, offering a plethora of options to cater to every craving. But that's not all - the basement also boasts the incredible Itadaki Food Court, a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic Japanese culinary experience.

With our shopping bags in tow, we decided to take a leisurely stroll back to Uptown Mall. The gentle breeze and the rhythmic sound of our footsteps provided a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
Our journey continued as we made our way to SM Aura for some substantial grocery shopping. The vibrant aisles and the wide variety of products delighted our senses, ensuring we found everything we needed. At Nanyang, I couldn't resist picking up some Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice and Kopi Jelly Milk Tea to take home, adding another touch of international flavor to my day.
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As the day drew to a close, I reflected on the beautiful moments we had experienced. From paying tribute to my sister at the Heritage Cemetery, lunch at Din Tai Fung,  to exploring the vibrant Mitsukoshi Shopping Mall, it was a day filled with love, remembrance, and delightful discoveries. Manila never fails to surprise us with its hidden gems and culinary delights, making every adventure a captivating one.
So, if you're looking for a unique shopping experience, if you're a Japanese food enthusiast, a lover of Japanese culture, or simply looking for a new adventure somewhere in Metro Manila, Mitsukoshi Mall is the place to be. From the diverse range of stores to the delectable Japanese food options, it's a destination that you might want to visit. Just be prepared to indulge in some retail therapy and culinary delights.
Address: Mitsukoshi Mall, 8th Ave. Corner 36th St., Grand Central Park, North, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila, Philippines
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