Samar Trip Part 2: Catarman City (Northern Samar, Philippines)

Hello, lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. I am excited to share our recent rainy day trip to Catarman City. Despite the gloomy weather, we had a fascinating time wandering around this beautiful city. So, let's dive right in!

Our journey began as we drove through the scenic roads of Catarman in our private vehicle. Along the way, we passed by a famous school named the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP), which holds a remarkable place in the hearts of the local community. The school's rich history and notable achievements make it a pride of Catarman.


As the rain poured down, we decided to make a pit stop to satisfy our growling stomachs. We found ourselves at Sunrise Floating Restaurant, 

First, let me tell you about the decor of this place. The floating restaurant had a nice and modern ambiance. The interior was beautifully designed, with white and blue furnitures and lovely lighting that created a cozy atmosphere.Now, let's talk about the food. We decided to start our food adventure with some delicious snacks. We ordered spaghetti, carbonara, a grilled cheese sandwich, and a classic clubhouse sandwich. The spaghetti had a flavorful sauce. The carbonara was rich and creamy, hitting all the right notes. The grilled cheese sandwich was a cheesy delight, perfectly toasted and oozing with goodness. The clubhouse sandwich was a classic choice that didn't disappoint

 However, there was one downside to our dining experience. The nachos we ordered, unfortunately, got soggy due to an excessive amount of sauce. It was a bit disappointing as we were looking forward to the crunchy goodness of the nachos. Nonetheless, we didn't let this setback dampen our spirits.

 Now, let's talk about the floating aspect of this restaurant. Contrary to what we expected, it wasn't a floating restaurant but a structure built above the sea. Nevertheless, the breathtaking view of the water beneath us added a unique touch to our dining experience.

Moving on to the service, it was below average. We had to wait quite a long time for our food to arrive, which was a bit frustrating. However, our waiter made up for it with his attentive attitude. 

One thing that bothered us during our meal was the loud background music. It made our conversations challenging, as we had to raise our voices. It would have been nicer to have a more relaxed atmosphere, and engage in conversation without straining our voices.

All in all, our dining experience at this floating restaurant was a mixed bag. The beautiful decor and amazing views from the terrace were definite highlights. However, the soggy nachos, long waiting time, and loud music were minor setbacks. Despite these flaws, we had a memorable time and would recommend this place for its unique setting and tasty snacks.

No trip is complete without a sweet treat, right lovelies? We went to a renowned local restaurant - the Verana's to purchase ensaymadas. However, to our disappointment, they were out of stock. In light of this, we decided to opt for their chocolate cake made of pure tablea instead. We requested the cakes for take-out, allowing us to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. As we left the restaurant, we eagerly anticipated savoring the cakes and relishing the sweet treat they would provide.

Next on our itinerary was a visit to a Cathedral in Catarman. The baroque architecture added a touch of serenity to the surroundings, making it a perfect time for quiet reflection and appreciation of the town's religious heritage.

To energize ourselves, we made a quick stop at McDonald's to grab some iced coffee chocolate. The refreshing and energizing drink gave us the perfect boost to continue our journey. It was a great way to cool down and recharge before we headed back to Calbayog.

While I was video recording on the street, someone called my attention. Curious, I turned my camera to see who it was and noticed three young boys nearby. They seemed to be around 10 or 11, their youthful energy evident in their playful interactions. As I finished recording, one of the boys separated himself from the group and approached me. With a courageous voice, he asked for alms.

I do not typically give alms to street children due to concerns about the potential reinforcement of laziness. When street children rely solely on asking for alms, they may become dependent on this source of income, hindering their motivation to develop skills. Or it can perpetuate a cycle of poverty and inhibit their chances of breaking free from the streets. However, my elder sister took a different approach and decided to give them alms. Her decision may have driven by a desire to alleviate their immediate needs and provide them with some relief. While our approaches differed, our ultimate goal was to ensure the well-being and future success of the children.

You can watch the video below: 

 As the rain continued to pour, we couldn't help but feel grateful for this road trip experience in Catarman City. From passing by a famous school named the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP) to enjoying a delightful snack at Sunrise floating restaurant, visiting the beautiful Catarman Cathedral, treating ourselves to a delicious cake made of pure tablea from Verena's Restaurant, and extending a helping hand to those in need, it was only a 3-hour city jaunting filled with adventure, snack delights, and acts of kindness. Join me in my next blog as I continue to explore the places of the Philippines. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more exciting travel vlogs. Take care and keep exploring!

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