Interesting Things to Do and See in Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway (Kobe, Japan)

obe is the seventh-largest city in Japan and the capital city of Hyogo Prefecture. It is our second time visiting Kobe. The train ride from Shin-Osaka Station to Shin-Kobe Station takes approximately 15 minutes. On our first Kobe travel, exploring the place was limited because my husband's purpose was to see his Japanese friend who lives there. We only walked around Meriken Park in Harborland, one of Kobe's major tourist attractions. Meriken is a waterfront park located in the port city of Kobe. It features the 108 meters tall Kobe Port Tower, Kobe Maritime Museum, and Kawasaki World.

(Top to Bottom: Kobe Tower, Mosaic Ferris Wheel, Duck Tour Taiko, Kobe Maritime Museum, 1/6 scale version of Hayate Techno Super Liner, Mosaic Sculpture of Bell of Hortensia )
On the second visit, we focus on a few city attractions such as the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway, Kitanocho district, Nankin-machi (Kobe's Chinatown), and tasting the most famous Kobe beef at a Teppanyaki restaurant.

Shin-Kobe Ropeway

Visitors have to take a Ropeway or cable car by purchasing a ticket at the fourth level. A round-trip ticket for the ropeway ride for an adult costs 1,500 JPY (as of September 2021), including admission to the Nunobiki Herb Gardens. While on the top, you'll enjoy the breathtaking views of the city of Kobe. You'll also pass some well-known spots like the Nunobiki no Taki Falls and the Nunobiki Gohonmatsu dam, designated as an Important Cultural Property.

Welcome Garden (View Plaza) is surrounded by a castle gate and a rest house
designed in the motif of Wartburg Castle, an ancient German castle.

Rose Symphony Garden has approximately 60 types of fragrant roses

Statue of Mother and Child presented by the city of Terni in Italy,
the home of St. Valentine, sits at the back of the Glasshouse

Kitchen Garden "Portager"

The whole place is a gorgeous tranquil spot in Kobe. Strolling through the garden is a relaxing and refreshing activity. The beautiful garden itself has about 75,000 herbs and flowers of about 200 kinds. It's not a touristy place, so you'll enjoy it. You'll appreciate the octagon concert hall constructed of wood on the second floor at the Mori No Hall (Forest Hall). It's for concerts and recitals. Oh, and don't forget to shop. I enjoyed shopping at the Herbal Market that sells different kinds of herbal plants, herb cookies, herb tea, chocolates, and aromatherapy-related products, like essential oils, diffusers, soaps, and more herb related merchandise.

Main Dining (The Herb Dining)

One of the main dishes using herbs and flowers taken directly form the gardens

Don't miss your lunch at the Main Dining (The Herb Dining). Each plate combines the main course where guests can choose either a pasta, meat, or fish dish, an appetizer buffet with seasonal vegetables, herbs, and colorful edible flowers taken directly from their gardens, and a cup of herb tea. It costs around 2,480 Yen (rate as of September 2021). If this is near to my place, I will go there every day.

Also, try their rose/lavender ice cream cone or any flavor of the month at the Glasshouse located at the center of the gardens. The panoramic view here is amazing. There's a Lover's Bell and herbal foot bath as well. Our whole experience at Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens was spectacular! 
Watch the video to know more about the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens on YouTube. Or watch the clip below.👇

When traveling from Osaka to Kobe using the JR Pass, you may take the Sanyo Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station to Shin-Kobe Station. This trip lasts approximately 15 minutes. Alternatively, you may take a JR Special Rapid Train from Osaka Station to the Kobe Sannomiya Station, with a trip duration of around 20 minutes.

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway
1-4-3 Kitanocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 650-0002
TEL : +81 78-271-1160

Shin-Kobe Ropeway Hours:
9:30 to 17:00 (until 20:30 on weekends,
admission ends 15 minutes before closing time

Admission Fee: (Rate as of September 2021)
1500 yen (round trip and admission to herb garden)  
950 yen (one way and admission to herb garden)
900 yen (round trip after 17:00)

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