A Day of Gallivanting Around Tagaytay (VIDEO on the Post)

Nov. 13, 2019

Driving from Paranaque to Tagaytay takes about more than an hour, but this time it took us nearly 3 hours (darn traffic!) Anyways, we started our day popping in at Carmela's Banana Cakes and Pasalubong. It was my niece who introduced us to this shop which, features a fantastic assortment of snacks, making it the perfect pit stop.

We were pleased that we were able to get some take-home snacks for ourselves. Here are some goodies we've picked up and been eating over the past week! I think my tummy's about to explode from all the banana cakes and Chichapop I just stuffed into my mouth. Now that being said, It drives me nuts that I consumed everything! And I have to get back to Tagaytay the soonest! 😁

Ok, moving on, the gray day had turned to a light drizzling rain for a few minutes before we got to Breakfast at Antonio's. In Tagaytay, there are an increasing number of excellent restaurants, and Breakfast at Antonio's is one of the top of the lists. 

We had the opportunity to indulge ourselves with a sumptuous lunch. After a while, we toured the area for a bit. 

Then we took a spur of the moment trip down to Pink Sister's Convent. Our initial plan was to buy a rosary, but the shop closed. Fortunately, we ended up writing our prayer requests at the church.  If you happen to visit here, you can make special intentions, and to my knowledge, the cloistered nuns will pray and intercede for your wishes.😇

We did manage to visit Acienda Designer Outlet to roam around. We dropped by to check the Guess store, but we didn't see anything that interests us. Overall, we walked away from the Outlet mall with nothing. 😞

We finished our day dining at Botejyu (Japanese cuisine) in Festival Mall Alabang.

Watch the video to see more! 

I hope you all have a super happy Wednesday!🙋

Toodles, until next time,
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