A Very Filling Sunday

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry for not updating my blog lovely peeps. In all honesty, my interests are on other things and still feeling lazy to really focus on blogging, so I'm just going to inject a little food here. 

Here's my food hopping last week.

HB and I had lunch at Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt while waiting for my sister and company.

(P595) Specialty of the house Sinigang na Corned Beef - corned beef short plate and boneless beef shanks in tamarind broth with native vegetables 

 (P400+) Grilled Fish of the Day Pandan -whole fish stuffed with sauteed onions, tomatoes, miso and malunggay, tied with pandan (200 per 100g)

Then we had a bazaar shopping at Passion Fly Bazaar Pocket Festivals organized by Karl Edward International located at Mayuree Ballroom in Dusit Thani Makati. I was able to grab a necklace, some blouses from Bangkok, and a lot of Vicky's Pili products from Sorsogon.

My cousin and his wife were also there and invited us to have some snacks at the lobby lounge of the hotel. We stayed there for almost four hours. I like the place because it doesn't get crowded. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere which is great to have a good and long conversations.

snack at Dusit Thani Makati

After saying goodbye to them, the rest of us decided to have dinner at Bizu Patisserie, a French casual dining in Greenbelt 2 before heading home.

I love this complimentary Ciabatta bread

(P285) Grilled Herb Chicken Sandwich - choice of whole wheat or regular ciabatta bread, grilled chicken breast, mayonnaise, sundried tomatoe, mozzarella cheese and alfalfa sprouts

(P275) Beef Bolognese Pasta - linguine pasta, angus beef bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese

(P595) Steak and Eggs - marinated prime top sirloin steak, 2 pcs. sunny eggs and garlic rice

(P275 - personal 3.5" diameter) Naomi Sugarless Cake - a combination of sugarless milk and dark chocolate mousse in between layers of chocolate cake sprayed with cocoa liqueur

(P235 - personal 3.5" diameter) Samba Cake - a combination of milk and dark chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate cake and coated with homemade chocolate sauce

We had a delicious meal. I liked the Naomi cake more because it has much less sweetness than Samba. For a healthier option try the Grilled Chicken Herb Sandwich. We all like the ciabatta bread so my sister bought some of it for us to take home. Would definitely go to Bizu again and try some other dishes.

Till next time,

Toodles, until next time,
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