The Pink Panda Atmosphere!

Our one night stay at Y2 Residence Hotel was inclusive of a buffet breakfast. I though the restaurant was part and parcel of the hotel, sort of a signature resto, likewise named "Y2"! It was only when we entered the restaurant and when I saw the print on the side walls that the name of the restaurant is Pink Panda (Southeast Asian Diner)! That was so naive of me!

The gorgeous interiors of the restaurant made my eyes wander from floor to ceiling. The owner has an eclectic taste. The decor is artsy, with a mix of modern and oriental inspired theme and an open concrete ceiling with steel structures and led lights. There were paintings on the wall depicting the so called "Pink Panda Atmosphere", rather odd though as it was hard to reconcile what was the art for, just like the mysterious baby panda with a pink skin covered with a thin coat of white fur! There was al fresco corner where guests can enjoy the chill vibe of the outside environment particularly during night time.

We came a bit late so it was expected that the restaurant was quite filled with hotel's guests already. There was a smell of food throughout the restaurant (mostly from its South Asian food) but we didn't mind it, as it was somewhat compensated by the staff's courteousness and its cool hip atmosphere.

The buffet breakfast was just right, on the average side. There was nothing extraordinary about it, maybe because the variety of choices were the usual breakfast food for Asians like us. The more visible were fried rice, curry rice, tocino, hotdogs, different types of eggs (scrambled, omelette, poach, sunny side up), corned beef, fried dilis, fresh veggie salad, cooked vegetables and bread. Coffee, milk and tea (although limited to lipton), cereals, juices, etc. Surprisingly, there was steamed bananas on the plate.

Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn't have its own comfort room. Guests have to go out and access instead the hotel's spic and span comfort room. The place was also bit dark maybe due to the black walls interior and lighting as well.

Despite the said loopholes, we were satisfied with our complimentary breakfast. Personally, I would still like hangin' out at Pink Panda because of its atmosphere. There was quite a positive vibe on me, probably due to the influence of Y2 Residence Hotel's Yin Yang's philosophy!

By the way, we didn't see Anne Curtis there whom I've learned from the grape vine that she is romantically linked to the part owner of the restaurant, Erwan Heussaff!

Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner at Y2 Residence Hotel
4687 Santiago Street
cor. Valdez and Singian Streets,
Makati City, Philippines 

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Written by Maven and Photographs by June

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