A Little Shopping at Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Upon arrival at the Kansai International Airport (KIX), we did a little last-minute shopping and picked a few Royce chocolates and different flavors of Kit Kat. I noticed a man carrying boxes of chocolates. Then I thought how delicious it must be so I decided to buy some of these Osaka Chocolate Chaine at the Blue Sky Shop. In truth, though, only after tasting it wasn't what I was hoping for. It was more like a cookie, not even a hint of chocolate.

Then we meandered around and I saw a lot of Hello Kitty stuff at one of the shops. It immediately caught my attention. So the "panic buying" began. :) Not really, I just selected a few pieces. While HB bought some boxes of his favorite Japanese Matcha Green Tea.

Kansai Airport shop

Our travel to our designated International gate was comfortable and fast. We hopped on a "people mover, an automated tram that runs along the exterior of the airport's building.

Kansai Airport automated tram

inside the automated tram (people mover)

Drinks can be purchased from the vending machines located inside the boarding area.

vending machine drinks

Kansai Airport boarding area (travel from Osaka to Manila)

I have to admit I'm always pretty excited to see what kind of inflight meal would I have. It's the best part of the flight I get most thrilled about. I'm not sure why. I guess simple things just make me happy. :)

Philippine Airlines inflight meal

So that's about it lovely peeps our last day of travel in Japan. Sayonara Japan, until we meet again!

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