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Sorry for not blogging diligently, extreme weather had been unbearable for the past few months and I've also been busy with other important things.

We couldn't resist these delicious Grilled Kebabs at The Café Mediterranean, so we had our lunch first before going to Travel Madness Expo 2015 at SMX. I'm a rice person but the regular pita was a good substitute. These Chicken and Beef Grilled Kebabs were all tender and flavorful, while the Fish Kebab was light and gently spiced.

All grilled kebabs come with Pita, Labneh and Tabbouleh. If you don't like the regular pita, you can choose the following - Whole wheat Pita, Buttered rice, Basmati, Moroccan Rice Pilaf, Biryani or Couscous for an additional charge of P30.

Chickpea Fritters (P150) : A Turkish favorite made from chickpeas, potatoes and light spices served with a yoghurt-garlic dip. 
Chicken Grille Kebab with pita (P340)
Beef Grilled Kebab with Pita (P425) / Fish Kebab with Pita (P335)

The Café Mediterranean (Flavours of the Sun)
Ground Floor, SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall,
Seaside Blvd., Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
Tel. (02) 5560650

Till next time, asian traveler

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